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Get the Bahubali Look with Our Jewellery Designing Tips

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Speaking about historical movies, not many of us may enjoy watching one unless the movie has created a buzz about its costumes, jewellery, sets, visual effects, etc.

One of the recent Historical fiction films released this year was the much-talked about film, ‘Bahubali’. The film has created a stir in the industry because of its breath-taking costumes, jewellery and of course the visual effects.

But did you know, that every piece of jewellery worn by the cast was handcrafted? Few pieces were also designed for multipurpose use. For example, a necklace worn by ‘Sivagami’ (the character played by Ramya Krishna) was designed in such a way that it could be used as a kamarbandh (waist band) too.

For those of you who are interested in costume jewellery can enrol in a jewellery designing course. The course prepares students to design basic jewellery taking inspiration from beautiful art pieces, movies, nature, etc.

There have been all types of jewellery designed for the movie ‘Bahubali’ like anklets, earrings, toe rings, mangtikas, bangles, etc. So, taking inspiration from the movie, you too can create jewellery using earthy material for yourself.


Sivagami’s Intricate Jewellery


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One of the lead character from the film Bahubali is Sivagami. The necklace, earrings, nose rings, bangles and maangtika donned by the character were beautifully handcrafted. Each piece had a matte gold finish, which gave it a royal look.

If you admire intricate jewellery, you can design something similar using earthy materials like Polymer clay. this material is used worldwide to craft simple yet intricate jewellery.

As it is soft and mouldable in nature, it can be easily manipulated into stunning pieces. Available in different colours, the clay can be mixed and matched and molded into different shapes.

When it comes to jewellery designing, Hamstech has always paid keen attention in formulating an interesting curriculum for beginners. Everything from History of Jewellery to Gemology is taught in the class.


Devasena’s Bold Jewellery


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‘Devsena’ is another important character in the movie. Her jewellery is bold, regal and heavy. This type of jewellery can easily be mimicked using wood.

When compared to other natural material, wood is considered sturdy that will last long. Using the right tools, you can design many patterns on it, like an elaborate motif or paint using your favouite colour, etc.

So why not pick up your sketchbook and come up with some unique designs? If you have been wanting to improve your sketching skills, you can be part of jewellery design classes where jewellery illustration is an important part of the curriculum.


Avantika’s Natural Jewellery


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Another character named ‘Avantika’ in ‘Bahubali’ wore some uniquely crafted jewellery. She had donned jewellery inspired from nature. And as we all know, jewellery made from flowers and feathers has become the new trend.

Nature has a lot to offer, so why not take inspiration from it and come up with something of your own? Of late feather jewellery has become very popular. Peacock feathers strung with colourful beads and other bird feathers are used to make earrings and neckpieces. Apart from these, headbands with colourful prints, handmade statement finger rings and some recycled pieces have become widely accepted.

Hamstech is recognized as one of the best jewellery design institute for giving students the right exposure as well as for preparing the students to be industry ready.

Jewellery in any form looks attractive. Once you gain enough knowledge and training about jewellery designing, you can easily replicate any piece with ease.

so good luck!


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