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Graphic Design Vs Digital Media Design: Which Is Better?

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This is a very common question that students who are preparing for a course in graphic designing have. What is graphic design and what is Digital Media Design? While both of them are considered as part of the wave of the media, there are some major differences between the two fields.

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What is Graphic Design?

In graphic designing, you usually learn the basic drawing and design fundamentals, digital imaging and preparing skills through computer-based programs like Adobe Photoshop or CorelDRAW.

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A Graphic Designer’s work most likely involves the creation of a digital logo for a business, or for corporations and other organisations. For a graphic designer, it is also important to have the basic knowledge of printmaking which is meant to appear on the marketing materials like billboards, posters or print advertisements, consumer products, and so on.

What is Digital Media Design?

Digital Media Designers are a bit different from Graphic Designers. They are generally trained in motion graphics, video editing, digital audio production and screenwriting. Although some of these can also be taught to graphic designers, most of these digital media design professionals are honed in animation or motion graphics.

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If you are aspiring to become a digital media designer, you can join a course that includes web design, digital imaging, screenwriting and media production in their curriculum. A digital media designer creates the products in digital or electronic format. A graphic designer creates his designs in both digital platform as well as tangible platforms.

Earning certification

Many institutes offer a courses in graphic design as well as digital media design. If you are interested in learning in-depth skills in graphic designing, Hamstech is your place. The 1-year Graphic Designing course at Hamstech involves training by experienced faculty and mentorship by ace celebrity graphic designer Kailash Naik.

Gaining a certification in graphic designing is important before entering the job market. Hamstech’s graphic design course helps students to improve their skills with hands-on practice in graphic designing with the latest technologies and tools.

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