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Hamstech: Bringing Experience of the Experts to Education.

Shawn Hitchcock once said, “A mentor empowers a person to see a possible future, and believe it can be obtained.” This quote beautifully explains the role of a mentor in transforming a students’ future.

A mentor, as we know, is often addressed by many names such as a counselor, an advisor, a guide, a tutor and such like. And it is he, who has the power or the potential to influence a student. An effective mentoring combines education, expertise and personal teaching style to bring about a unique learning experience.

Hamstech Institute of Fashion and Interior Design, being one of its kind educational institute believes in imparting quality education through practical training and theoretical knowledge.

In order to do this, Hamstech invites renowned individuals to unite with the institute as the chief advisor and mentor, who bring along with them in-depth knowledge and opportunities.

Mentor’s at Hamstech keep the spirits of the students ignited and motivate them to reach the heights of success.

Let’s find out more about these mentors.


neeta lulla


Neeta Lulla

Today, Hamstech is one of the leading institutes known to have a perfect blend of creative education and professional training.

With an eminent personality like Ms. Neeta Lulla, as a mentor for Hamstech’s fashion designing course, students are guaranteed to get the best. Neeta Lulla, a top fashion designer and fashion stylist has worked on over 300 films. Some of her work that won much acclaim are for movies like, Jodha Akhbar and Devdas.

As a mentor, Ms. Lulla plays a significant role in sharing her knowledge and expertise. Apart from being a strong source of inspiration, she gives students a guidance and tutelage like no other.

Hamstech is a great platform for students who are keen in pursuing a certificate programme in fashion design. Here, every student is given hands-on training and practical insights through various types of events; the biggest being “The Hlabel Show & Sale”.


avinash gowariker


Avinash Gowariker

Apart from fashion and interior design, Hamstech has also created a platform for students interested in photography. Hamstech’s photography course, unlike many other offers more than just knowledge and training. It offers students a chance to learn from – The Avinash Gowariker!

Mr. Gowariker is a renowned celebrity photographer who has worked with many renowned artists from the Bollywood industry. His work has been appreciated globally, and he has many awards to his credit.

He as a mentor has the power to give photography students an exceptional opportunity to learn the technical know-how. Mr. Gowariker comes with years of expertise and an inherent talent that the world has witnessed.


shabnam gupta


Shabnam Gupta

For years interior designing has been the underdog in the field of creative education. Its subtlety never brought it any fame. But not anymore!

With new trends, better income rates and interest, people have begun to develop a fascination to design and drape their homes in a unique fashion; thereby giving designers a chance to craft spaces that uniquely exhibit their talent and craft and bring their name to attention.

But if that’s not good enough reason for you to join an interior design class, Hamstech will give you another one.

Hamstech has now united with the renowned interior designer Ms. Shabnam Gupta, who is known to create eccentric spaces for celebrities like Irrfan Khan, Parineeti Chopra and more, and is extremely popular for creating unique art in spaces. Her proficiency and knowledge has clearly taken her to a height unimaginable.

With a mentor like Ms. Shabnam onboard, Hamstech promises its students a strong future in the field of interior design.

Mentoring can enhance the knowledge and bring about a balance in teaching-learning theory. Expert mentoring not only improves a students’ ability to learn, but also guides them in the right direction.

So, what are you waiting for?

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