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Hamstech Storybook: Fashion Designing Students Tell Tales

How many of us love stories? I’m sure we all do. As children, we’ve grown up listening to all kinds of stories told by our parents and grandparents.

How about a story from the book of Hamstech? Unlike your childhood stories which were more of fairy tales, stories from Hamstech are a blend of fun, inspiration and success.

So here are a few tales told by Hamstech’s students who are currently pursuing the Fashion Designing Course:


The Mummy Look


Mummy Look


“One important topic in fashion designing is draping. In draping, muslin is a common fabric used for practicing on various body forms. 

In one of the draping classes, my friend Mukta and I decided to play a prank on the other students. I decided to wrap Mukta completely in muslin like the Egyptians wrapped mummies.

We came in early the next day and I wrapped Mukta from head to toe in muslin, leaving just enough space for her to breathe.

Mukta stood still at the corner of the classroom and as each student entered, they screamed with fright. It was really funny to see how everyone including the faculty got scared, but eventually joined us in scaring the others. In the end, i finally clicked a selfie with the group and the ‘mummy’ to capture our fun moment”.      

-Mukta Thakur


Neeta Lulla: A Source of Inspiration


fashion designing


 “I, Megha, a fashion design student from Hamstech, have always admired Neeta Lulla’s work. Her signature style is embroidery, vibrant colours and unique patterns that she uses in designing wedding couture.

What I liked most was the embroidery she used in the movie, “Jodhaa Akbar”. I took inspiration from there and decided to work on a wedding collection of my own. Before showcasing it in Hamstech’s fashion show the ‘TheHLabel’, I decided to email my first drafts of designs to her. I wasn’t expecting a prompt response but after a few days, she got back to me with words of encouragement and few handy tips. I owe the success of my collection to her!”

-Megha Agarwal


A Moment of Pride



“Hamstech students are known for their talent and knowledge. When I joined this institute as a novice, I had no clue as to how far or high my journey would take me.

But looking back today, I am proud to be an alumnus of Hamstech. I have carved a niche in the fashion world for myself, using the wisdom Hamstech imbibed in me. After graduating from here, I pursued my masters in fashion designing from Accademia Italiana, Italy. That’s where I got my first chance of showcasing designs on an international platform.

I opted for fusion wear by combining the Indian art (kalamkari) with hints of Western culture. My collection won much acclaim and for this, I give the credit to Hamstech because that’s where I strengthened my fashion basics. It is, in my opinion, one of the greatest fashion designing institutes.

Hamstech helped me build a strong base and directed me towards the right path. And for this, I’m eternally grateful.”

Hamstech is like a large story book. Here, every story is with a moral for students to learn. As a student, you would either enjoy being part of the story or would like to create one.

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