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Hamstech’s Guide to Amazing Quotes and Their Meanings

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There’s a lot many say about their views on creativity, style and inspiration. They make the readers ponder and affirm that these gems of quotes are born from great experience and attitude. These quotes lead to many unique perspectives and form basis of a greater appreciation for variety and broader creative thought that makes artistic indulgence more meaningful.

Hamstech Institute, a pioneer in creative education, urges its students to acquire wisdom from what the accomplished personalities say about their field of work. The ideas that inspire these quotes throw light on the underlying emotions and concepts that helped them create their place in the industry and inspire many others.

To choose a few of these exceptional and original quotes to share, with an elaboration gives a chance to the reader to refresh their interest in the creative topics they relate to. Hamstech, one of the top fashion designing institutes in Hyderabad, urges cognitive and explorative thinking as one of the manners of study for its students. The benefits of this approach can be had by others too as the institute is upbeat about sharing interesting facts in fashion designing, photography, interior design or jewellery design.

The amazing quotes that follow are selected for their appeal that is directly relatable to the individual who spoke it and the message that can be imbibed from them by any reader. Consider this a valuable offering from a top class fashion designing institute in india that wants to inspire people to appreciate creativity.


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“Fashion you can buy. But style, you possess.” Iris Apfel


Iris Apfel is an American fashion icon, a renowned interior designer and businesswoman. This quote of her’s reflects the very basic understanding of the concepts of fashion and style, which many use interchangeably, quite often.

Basically, fashion is an extension of the basic qualities of grace, expression, attitude and style in a person. The garments one wear and the accessories one add to it suits the manners and demeanour of an individual.  This means that not every fashion wear is suitable for everyone.

The bottomline of this observation is that fashion, which is the quality that comes with the articles that brings it should meet a corresponding style that the person wearing them brings. The style element is a personal quality that cannot be duplicated or crafted and yet makes the foundation of the look that completes a fashion statement.


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“You don’t think your way to creative work. You work your way to creative thinking.” George Nelson


George Nelson is behind designing many of the 20th century’s iconic modernist furniture. This pioneer of American modernism has shared a lot of memorable quotes, among which this one briefly explains how to approach creative work and creativity itself.

It’s hard to understand the path to growing creative potential. Many think brooding over and keeping schedules are the methods to great creativity. But the fact is that creative thinking is an ability that develops with engagement. Observation is key. Imagining a concept or premise in a fresh manner, noting down ideas, making drafts, all are practical feats in the path to sharpening one’s creative thinking and habitualizing the creative mindset with effort to keep the creativity burning within.


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“The more pictures you see, the better you are as a photographer.” Robert Mapplethorpe


American photographer, Robert Mapplethorpe, is known for his controversial portfolio featuring fine works predominantly in black and white, and renowned for it. He makes a very valid point in this quote in which he states the best way one can improve their skills in photography.

To study the works of contemporary artists and observing the variety of works of other photographers gives lot of guidance that goes a long way into making one’s own works richer. Ideas become enriched with an appreciation and study of other works and develops healthy relation with other talents. Being self-obsessed can hardly lead into betterment of professional skills.

Hamtech’s professional courses produce great talents with the constant impetus provided to the students to nourish their academics with constant knowledge search and experimentation. Gaining insight from the words of famous and accomplished creative artists helps a lot in finding valuable inspiration that enables in building an impressive profile for oneself.


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