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How Hamstech Excels in Formal Training in Creative Arts

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There are many who think art has to be taken lightly and should be learned and practiced as a pastime. Spending money on courses for creative subjects are often considered a gamble by many.

What they miss is the fact that artistic creation is a unique struggle that is also a serious effort made by artists. The industry needs these gifted people and their craft too. So, there are institutions like Hamstech Institute that has dedicated to take up the task of creating the opportunity for artists to learn their artistic domain systematically with a boost to build a career.

Going by the 25 years in which the institute has stood tall among the best design schools in Hyderabad and the hundreds of students whom it has made successful professionals, there is a lot to learn from its training methodology, course curriculum and the broader vision it carries. It’s vision works for a highly motivated populace of youngsters who wish to make it big in creative domains like fashion design, interior design, photography and jewellery designing.


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Formal Education – A General Observation


Formal education for creative and artistic subjects sounds very ambitious. But the task is highly rewarding as the broad vision of the institute is to realise the possibilities of delivering quality education in some of the most prolific fields of creative industrial activity.

Taking formal education as a manner of gaining knowledge is in itself a debated topic in comparison with informal education (also known as “self learning”). But Hamstech’s formal learning programmes show a lot of advantages. They are also the reasons for the institute acing the formal packaging and delivery of creative disciplines as with fashion design training.


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Curriculum and Beyond


A salient feature of the training strategy of Hamstech is to make creative education two times as effective as it can be. The first step is its implementation of a curriculum that sets the courses as a significant base for the student to step up to the industry from, armed with the knowledge of the most fundamental to the latest topics.

The second step is incorporating a parallel practice regime that gives full opportunity to the students to put their imagination and creativity into creative tasks and learn through unbridled observation of their own. Outdoor assignments as with interior designing and photography also are part of this process.

Besides these, the institute has created a fashion brand called TheHLabel that features the creations of its fashion design students, made available online too. The online portal offers custom sized designer garments made by the students. That makes industry exposure for students possible in the period of their study itself.

Students in each vector of study at Hamstech also gets to display their talent and skill through annual events like fashion shows, interior design exhibitions and photography exhibitions with contests. That is creative education taken to the most realistic professional level.


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The Presence of Experts


The guidance of industry experts makes a world of difference in how the students learn their craft. Hamstech has mentors for each vertical of study, who have made famous in the industry by their talent, hardwork and constant improvement. It’s no wonder how their guidance gives the students a taste of what the industry expects from them and cues to how to survive and thrive out there.

Besides mentors, many experts who work on the respective craft does guest lectures at the institute to help students gain the best and updated knowledge in their domain.


Flexibility of Learning


It happens often that someone who wants to master a craft will struggle or even fail to join a regular course that they cannot attend to due to their own obligations. But Hamstech has designed the apt solution to this by introducing short-term weekend courses that gives many a chance to finally learn an art when they can make time for it.

The institute is even planning to take the classes online where people can access their classes at their convenience. In all these options, the virtues of a well-recognised certification is never lost and makes it highly desirable for interested individuals.

Hamstech aims to bring out the excellence in every student and make them exceptional professionals in their own right. The opportunities that the institute give through its well-devised courses and activities, makes it exceptionally successful in the field of professional creative education.


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