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How to do Amazing Jewellery Designing with Terracotta at Home

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Of late, terracotta has become the most preferred jewellery especially among students. The word terracotta means “baked earth”. The jewellery is made from natural clay and is thus reddish-brown in colour. When compared to other handmade jewellery, terracotta is durable and comes in variety of designs.

Considering the enthusiasm for terracotta, many jewellery designing institutes have introduced specific courses on handmade jewellery of which terracotta is one of them. If you are keen to learn handmade jewellery, there are institutes that conduct workshops and jewellery making classes.

It is amazing to see how natural clay is creatively molded into glamorous jewellery pieces. Making terracotta jewellery at home is not a difficult task. Follow these simple steps to create one of your own.


Clay preparation


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The first step is to filter the clay. All you need to do is add lots of water and make it into a solution. Rest the solution for a while, after some time you’ll notice the clay has settled down. Drain the water and repeat this couple of times till you get fine clay.

Roll the clay on a flat surface to get rid of air trapped inside.

*Note- you need to get rid of trapped air as this can break the jewellery while baking.


Create your Designs


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You could go with traditional or modern designs; the choice is yours. After all, jewellery designing is all about creating stunning pieces that flourish your look. So, here’s a little tip to get started with your designing.

Opt for designs that are easy to craft out considering the clay is soft in the initial stage.

*Note- Make sure you leave the freshly made jewellery to dry for at least 3 days and only then bake it.


Baking Process


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This is the most important and the trickiest process when it comes to terracotta jewellery. There are many methods used for baking such as electric heater, oven, direct fire, etc. But the most trusted process is using saw dust.

Take an earthen pot and add some sawdust and allow it to get hot. Add the jewellery pieces and cover them with another layer of sawdust. You’ll notice that as the pieces get hot, they turn black. Do not stop at this stage, keep adding layers of sawdust till the entire piece turns black.

The baking process is lengthy and you’ll have to bake for at least 5 hours.

A jewellery designing course, gives you an opportunity to learn the different types of techniques of making a terracotta jewellery. The course leads students to practical exposure through site visits, interaction with industry experts, seminars and talks, etc.


Add Your Personal Touch  


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Last but not the least, add colour to your creation. Acrylic colours are best suited for terracotta jewellery. As these colours have a certain glow, therefore, when used on clay it instantly illuminates the jewellery. So go vibrant with colours and add beauty to your terracotta jewellery.

After going through these simple jewellery making steps, you can now come up with numerous designs to create a stunning piece for yourself and others. Enjoy your clay crafted jewelry.


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