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Indian Jewellery – Where Do We Stand in This Fashion Era?

jewellery design course

Jewellery is one of the major attractions in India, especially for women. There is a wide variety of jewellery that is enviable, unique and has incomparable artistry. India is home to a multitude of world-famous jewellery types and designs. It is amazing how the history of gold ornaments of the country dates back to centuries. The gleam of Indian jewellery is intact even today.


Indians look at jewellery from a different perspective. While sometimes people use jewellery for auspicious occasions, on the other times it is merely a style statement. Sometimes it has cultural significance, while another time it is an investment for financial well-being.


jewelry designing courses


The realm of jewellery is so prolific in the country that jewellery design education is a booming sector in India. In the modern era where fashion reflects one’s personality and sophistication, choosing jewellery has become a pretty choosy affair. The availability of more types and options has also contributed to this effort.


It is a glorious time for jewellery designing training in India. The customary and traditional associations of jewellery making have passed hands from smith families to certified jewellery designers. The trend of Indian jewellery has taken a more liberal and innovative form, with personalised design growing unlike ever.


jewellery designing industry in hyderabad


The online jewellers have emerged as a deciding factor in revolutionising of jewellery trends in India. Since jewellery designing has become a diversified and skilled job, the option of online selling has only made the prospects better for new talents. The collections are now more artistic and varied, be it traditional or contemporary.


In fact, fashion jewellery has emerged as a dominant category in Indian online shopping trends. Indian women of all ages are choosing versatility over tradition in a big way. Layered necklaces, statement necklaces, cocktail rings, chandelier earrings and Kundan jewellery are creating a buzz today.


jewellery making classes in hyderabad

Few jewellery styles in vogue today are:


  • Polki Diamond Jewellery: This is made with statement necklace studded with polki diamonds and emeralds.
  • Pearl Necklace: Sea pearl necklaces paired with studs are much in fashion now.
  • Pearl Chokers: Chokers crafted in pearls, matched with pearl studded or pearl drop earrings is a combination liked by many.
  • Antique Jewellery: Antique jewellery still have their fans. The varieties of antique jewellery like an antique gold choker, the mango mala, jhumkas, chandbalis and kada are very much liked by women.
  • Diamond Jewellery: There is a hike in the number of buyers who choose diamonds for their jewellery. Diamond chokers, earrings and diamond-studded rings are in heavy demand.


Indian jewellery is reinventing itself with the increased acceptance of fashion jewellery. Fashion jewellery is complementing fashionable garment collections that are crafted to captivate. In every way, India’s jewellery scene is looking up to richer trends and a glorious future.


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