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Interior Decoration: Choosing the Right Indoor Plants

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Do you find yourself charmed by interiors with blooming green? Are you passionate about gardening but don’t know where to start?  If you want to experiment with indoor plants, keep reading.

From an interior designing perspective, green interiors is one of the top trending concept today, turning homes into nature inclusive spaces. It’s even applied to the growing breed of designer offices. Interior design courses, train students to design environment-friendly interiors. Such interiors flourish with plants and greenery.

Before you go all out on a shopping spree for garnering supplies and saplings, make a note of the following indoor plants that you can choose from to decorate your home. Styling green interiors and the art of making and maintaining gardens both indoor and outdoor are taught in detail in interior designing classes.

Let’s look at a few varieties of plants that are good choices for interiors.


Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree


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A common favourite for interior designers, this plant has leathery leaves and grows more than eight feet tall. It thrives with a good amount of indirect light. Be sure not to overwater the plant. Check the first or second layer of soil for moisture. If it is, then there’s still time to water it.




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Succulents are often taken in as an assortment of a variety of plants. They make small surfaces appealing. They need good amount of direct sunlight and generous amount of water. It’s best to water it when the soil dries off completely as these plants do not need a lot of humidity to survive.




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Ferns are very flowing type of plants that grows in shady environment. These are the lush variety of plants that you’d love to keep in your house, resembling a woman’s locks. These plants need lot of humidity and hence it is necessary to spray it frequently with water. Maidenhair ferns, Boston ferns and Lemon Button ferns are varieties of this plant.




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Begonias live in the shades or low lit areas, and comes in upright or cascading varieties. They have beautiful blooms with big flowers, adding to the room’s beauty. It blooms continuously from summer to fall. It’s a great choice to decorate spaces like porches.


Snake Plant


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Snake plants do not need much light and is a low-maintenance type of plant. The plant has visual appeal with its patterned spike like leaves. It also has the advantage of being an air refresher, thus suitable for bedrooms.


Majesty Palm

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This plant grows slow, prefers humid environment and thrives in direct sunlight. It loves to get a lot of light. The best foods for the plant include fertilizer, palm food and fish oil. In the dimmer, cooler seasons like winter there’s no need for fertilizing the plant. Pest control is a high priority for this plant.

In addition to adding a lot of beauty and charm to your interiors, these plants also provide unlimited supply of fresh and clean air.  Go ahead now, make a list and fill your home with happy greens.


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