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Interior Designing Essentials: 10 Must-try Interior Decorations

Interior designing

“To break the rules you must first know them”, they say. A profound impact can be created after a creative work when it consists of a lot of aesthetic elements.

Here are 10 different must-try interior decorations that can create a magical spell in a particular interior space.




Interior designing is not confined to a particular style because new trends arise every now and then. Textures are one of the features that reflect this trend. There are many instances of textures making a great difference to interiors. For example, a canvas painting can be placed on the wall in the reception area of an office. Placing rugs, throws and accent pillows or using wicker furniture or textile woven furniture gives a textural view to the interiors.


Layered Lighting


Some of the interior designing colleges in India have introduced a new subject about lighting where the students get to experiment with different kinds of lighting among which layered lighting is particularly getting highly appreciated. In this design, lighting fixtures placed in a layer will have varied intensities of light when it falls on a particular space or object.


interior designing colleges in India




Copper lamp stands, brass flower pots and bronze statues are some of the unique metal accessories that are always trending. Metal accessories warm up the space. They look very classic and complement other parts of the interiors. Articles like decorative kitchen bowls, tall lamp shades, elongated or curvy shaped flower vases are popular among all.


Muted Colours


Using muted colours for interiors is one of the popular practice in western countries. As they are cold countries, they feel that interiors with muted colours like grey, dark green and millennial pink complement the exterior weather. But now many interior design courses in India have adopted this technique for creating interiors. Pale colours create a sense of peace and harmony.


Crafted Furniture


There are many artisans in India who are experts at making antique or crafted furniture. Different types of hand work furniture designs exist to choose from with intricate wood work or wicker furniture, like the very ornate Bidri art, Indo-Portuguese box design, historical collections from ancient Egypt, Rome and Greece etc. By using these kinds of antique furniture different kinds of personality can be added to the interiors.


interior design courses in India


Contrasting Colours


Like muted coloured interiors, contrasting colours are also trending. To pep up the mood of the occupant, it is good to use bright and contrast coloured interior decorations. Monochromatic colours act as a relaxing factor. But having contrast colours, more exactly “simultaneous contrast”, creates an optical illusion.

For example, a room where the walls are painted green and furnishing is in brick red has a dramatic effect. A room with white walls and white furniture can be added with royal blue cushions and throws and a splash of colour painting to create an interesting illusion.


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Unpainted or Undone Walls


Sometimes raw walls are more beautiful that nicely done ones. Unpainted walls without plastering will look really earthy and histrionic. Experts involved in interior design courses opine that a slightly plastered wall with exposed brickwork is a new trend and saves a lot of money. If you’re confused about where to leave a wall undone in a house, try it in a patio, a portico or a lawn.


Ancient Inspirations


Ancient inspirations, especially in the Indian context have a profound effect on modern practices. Back in the centuries when there were no school-bred professional interior designers, the homes were still designed and build very scientifically by traditional architects. With a lot of open space, doors, windows and proper ventilation, along with appropriate drainage systems, those houses had a lot to contribute to the modern designing techniques. Many courses for interior designing in India encourage students to get inspired by ancient traditional architecture.


courses for interior designing


Jhoolas” or swings are the most loved elements in India’s interior decoration practices. Jhoolas of different types like wooden, metal and semi metal are widely used in homes.


Geometric & Quirky Accessories


Geometric and quirky accessories spruce the space where they are placed in. They show off a unique design sensibility that aims to do something unusual.

An aspiring interior designer can try the above ideas to bring about remarkable results in their work, making a mark in the competitive professional field of interior designing.

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