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Interior Designing: The Subject Guide

interior design courses

We all know interior designing as a course where students learn to redefine spaces as per the client’s requirements, within a given budget. Similar to any creative course, Interior Designing courses include many subjects.

Candidates who aim to join an interior design institute may get a brief on these subjects when they attend the initial counseling on the course, but what about the general students who are just keen to know what this stream is all about?

This article shares insightful information on the major subjects of interior designing and what students learn through them.

1.Interior Design

interior design courses

While every interior design college or institute may have a different name for this subject, this subject is more common as the business of interior design. This is the primary subject for this course. The curriculum of this subject involves a study on conceptualizing designs, presenting the ideas to the client, selecting materials, time management and budget planning.

2. Technical Drawing

This subject develops the artistic side of an interior designer. Students are given practical lessons on how to ideate and draw their imaginary designs on a whiteboard. A 3-point perspective of a room drawing is a standard lesson of this subject, and until a student undertakes this lesson, he will not have a clear idea of sketching interiors. Interior decor experts say that understanding measurements is a key element for this subject.

3. Soft Furnishings

interior designing courses in kphb hyderabad

Most interior design schools prefer this subject as a substance of learning furniture, fittings, and equipment. The lessons of this subject help a student in understanding the primary differences between being an interior designer and decorator. From contemporary styles to current colour trends, every aspect of furnishing a home is covered in a detailed manner.

Precisely, this subject gives the designer a style to dress a given space with the most suitable furnishing. As reaching out to retail channels is an integral part of furnishing, students will also get to know how to interact with retailers and order materials in bulk.

4. Photoshop

The old days of representing an interior space through PowerPoint presentations are now gone forever. Clients often want to see a visual presentation of their designed interiors before they assign the project. Photoshop is helping designers do this easily in this digital area. Interior design colleges have included Adobe Photoshop in their curriculum to help students in learning various elements like changing colours, experimenting with new textures, adding rudiments and shaping flat designs in 3D.

5. Auto CAD

interior design in hyderabad

AutoCAD is a well-known subject of architecture as well as of interior designing. It is a software for creating 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional projects. A wide range of hard work drawings and presentation of buildings and spaces can be done easily on AutoCAD, when learnt the right way. Interior design institutes use AutoCAD to train students in mastering the visual designing and communicate their idea in a more practical way.

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