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Interior Designing Tips: Creating Interiors Inspired by Hotel Rooms

You know the idiom “Home sweet home”. But it’s not uncommon that one has a hang of that hotel room he/she stayed in probably on the last vacation trip. There’s something about it that is amiss at home and you wish if only that feel could be created at home.

If this has happened to you, we are definitely on the same boat. We are eager to explore ways to create a hotel room interior in our own homes. From an interior designing perspective, this has great relevance, an ironic one in a sense, as hoteliers actually strive to recreate the comforts of home in the hotel room.


Interior design courses


But in fact, hoteliers plan room interior design in a broader and richer scope than most of those who plan their homes. Interior design courses mention this topic quite pragmatically and scrutinize the smart ways in which hoteliers design interiors of hotel rooms.

Let’s examine a few ways in which you can create interiors that remind you of the hotel rooms you loved to stay in.


Courses for interior designing


Make the visitors area welcoming.


Setting the visitors area at home like a classy hotel’s lobby is a great idea to create a welcoming vibe for yourself and your guests. So the room is well-lit, the seating arrangements like sofas are provided with good quality upholstery, the flooring has artistic carpets, and a large coffee table in the middle that completes the look and feel.

Paint the room interior preferably white to appear bright and inviting. Having a well crafted lighting piece like a chandelier or an elegant lamp shade can create a great impact.


interior design in india


Use soothing colours and set interior accessories.


Hotel rooms are meant to make you feel relaxed and comfortable. So can be your rooms too! Take the bedroom for example. You can paint the walls in shades of grey or blue (the darker the better). Make the bed as fluffy and cozy as possible. Provide accessories like fluffy sheets and blankets for that extra pampering feel.

You can also build a wooden headboard over the bed for a privileged effect. Providing a writing table beside the bed is another good idea.


Absolutely abolish chances for clutter.


Often we all tend to let articles over-stay and get strewn around the house, making the interior shabby. No hotel room gives the facility to preserve your frivolous materials. At home, that can only add to the junk and clutter. If you stay clear of junk at home, whatever remains in there will have a definite relevance in your daily life. Courses for interior designing also emphasise the importance of maintaining cleanliness in the interiors.


interior design classes


Let it feel nice under the feet.


Treating your feet with smooth and cozy floors can make you feel extremely pampered and even luxurious. Add mats and/or carpets made with smooth or feathery surfaces at the doors, in walking area and near the bed. Having wooden floors can give your feet a feel of natural floor.

The ways we desire for interiors to get designed can be really intriguing. But at the root of it is our wish to get our deepest desires regarding comfort and pleasure of living fulfilled in unique and interesting ways. Cheers to that!

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