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Interior Designing Trends: Taking Design to the Roof

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Each year the introduction of latest trends in interior design has improved the quality of our lifestyle. Like pillars and walls, roof is one of the basic structures of a house which can be designed to reflect the particular lifestyle the resident follows. However, the roof is also a part of the house that is often given least design priority.

When designing a home, one must pay keen attention to the roof. Here are few trending styles that you can implement for a roof.

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Green Roof


Owing to the growing population and the space crunch, it has become difficult to create a green space. However, with the advancement of technology and new developments in architecture, plants are now grown on rooftops also.

In order to create a green space on a rooftop, one has to plan few things such as the water system. The water system being a main feature must be planned in such a way that it doesn’t obstruct the drainage. The green roof has become very popular and many European countries have largely adopted it.

The study of green roofs is largely an important topic in an interior designing course today. Such a course equips students with knowledge in new dimensions of designs conceived and implemented.

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Asphalt Shingles Roofs


Asphalt Shingles is a type of roof made of asphalt, which is great for waterproofing. Such roofing is commonly used in North America as the cost of installing it is fairly low and it looks great too. As asphalt shingles are lightweight, it is easy to install as compared to other roof materials. This roofing is also very durable and can withstand strong winds.

As an interior design student, it’s important to learn how new structural ideas are making a highly positive impact on home design.


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Solar Panel Roofs


As the name suggests, solar panel roofs are implemented to trap and use the energy of the sun. These roofs have fast gained popularity in warm and tropical countries. The best thing about solar panel roofs is that they can be easily fixed and moved around. These panels are durable and long-lasting, and also give the roof an impressive look.

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Flat Roofs

The flat roof has very conveniently replaced the old-fashioned A-lined roofs. Flat roofs are safe, easy to install and most of all, versatile. These roofs can easily be converted into a green roof and a solar panelled roof.

Learning about different types of roofs and other home interior elements in interior design classes gives a clear understanding of the developments in the interior design field. These days, flat roofs offer many choices. However, the only major drawback is the set of issues that could crop up while creating a drainage system.

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Patio Rooftop


Patio rooftops are trending. The best thing about these roofs is that a part of it can be converted into a living area. Residents can pave the roof with bricks which gives enough room to install furniture, green plants and even a pool. But while installing such a roof, one has to make sure that waterproofing is thorough to prevent leakages.

The advantage of pursuing a course at an interior design institute is that students can stay updated about these details on interior design elements and can get trained to design and implement them.

Energy-Conserving Roofs

Installing a roof that can conserve energy is a smart step taken by many residents. Few energy-conversing ideas are:

  • Waterproofing the roof
  • Applying white paint that reflects maximum sunlight. (On the other hand, dark roofs reflect a maximum of 15% sunlight)
  • Installing metal roofing, that keeps the house cool in summers.

Custom-made Roofs


Roofs are often designed to suit individual needs. A roof may also be designed keeping the climatic condition of the place in mind. However, many people customise roofs by combining two or more roofing styles together to suit their requirement. This results in assured functionality and unique design.

No matter what roofing style you choose, make sure it’s functional for you the way you need it. So, take the above-mentioned styles as a reference to choose the best one for your home.

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