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Jewellery Design Recap: Traditional Indian Rings

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Indian jewellery and its diverse culture share a bond that has grown strong over the centuries. Be it a sleek or heavy embellished jewellery, women’s preference might vary. However, their love for these unique pieces of craft is never-ending. In fact, the development of Jewellery Design education indicates the emergence of a new era of designing the creations which you love to flaunt.

The amazing fact about Indian jewellery is that the old traditions and its designs have co-existed with new age and personalised Jewellery Design practices. The fusion of tradition and expression helped in the emergence of the concept of fashion jewellery designing.

Even with fashion jewellery forming a large part of Jewellery Design courses, the significance of traditional pieces remains notable. There are several ornaments that represent culture and tradition. Each of these pieces has its own unique significance.

Rings are an important part of the Indian jewellery pieces. Designing rings of different types is an interesting part of a jewellery design course. So if you want to learn to make some, check out the different types of rings.

Ear Ring

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Besides the traditional jhumkas, there’s a  huge variety of earring available in the market. Innovative designs and shapes are highlights in this segment of jewellery.

Nose Rings

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Nose rings are more than just beautiful ornaments worn by women. They are customary in many parts of the country. Besides, the ancient medical systems like Ayurveda attach health benefits to it too. It says wearing nose rings in particular spots of the nose can influence certain nerves, which helps in regulating menstrual cycles.

Toe Rings

In many areas of India, toe rings are worn by married women. Women wear the ring in pairs on the second toe of their feet. Wearing toe rings is also said to have health benefits for the woman.

Finger Rings

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Finger rings are worn on more than one occasion. It’s a beautiful piece of jewellery worn usually as a fashion statement. In many parts of the country, this is also considered as the symbol of being married. Designer rings are in increasing demand in recent times!

With a course in Jewellery Designing, you can now create some amazing jewellery pieces for your personal use or can even start a business.

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