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Modest Clothing – The New Trend in Fashion Design

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When we talk about party-wear, the first thing that comes to our minds is the bling and dazzle of such garments. However, this outlook is has been changing in recent times. Sober, subtle and sophisticated are now a part of party wear fashion too.

Fashion has re-discovered itself in an interesting way, around the quality of modesty. Fashion Design schools are supporting this trend. They help budding designers create fashionable garments that are not too embellished or ornate but apply richness in other ways, including embroidery and prints.

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In Fashion Designing courses, you can see that students are getting inspired by the surge of modest designs. Modest fashion is apparent in garments with long hemlines, flowy dresses and comfortably relaxed trousers. The liking for garments like kurtis with long sleeves is a striking trend in Indian fashion. Celebrities like movie stars are now embracing this fashion!!

The same trend is also witnessed in international fashion, in fashion runways and street fashion where there’s an equal display of modest fashion. This is a major development in the fashion scene and it has influenced Fashion Design training.

It doesn’t matter if this is a new fad or all about the pressing need to stick to environment-friendly fashion. The emergence of this fashion indicates much better trends in fashion that Fashion Design classes will pass on to the students.

The reasons for the superiority of modest fashion are the following:

Feeling Comfortable Multiculturally

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Modest clothing has acceptance in every culture. Simple clothing with floor-length garments are considered respectable even if fashionable. Long sleeves give a similar impression across cultures. So, colourful kurtas or maxi dresses are easily wearable among people of any culture.

Matches All Ages

Modest garments suit all ages. Long skirts and tops, kurtis paired with a choice of bottom wear and long-sleeved blouses with lehengas can all be made fashionable and yet considered elegant for women of all ages.

Affinity to Low Key Style

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Gone are the days when excess was considered stylish. The new definition of richness lies in the outfit worn rather than the shimmer and excess that are woven into garments. So even celebrities choose to look suave in simple crop tops, shirts or tees paired with simple jeans, skirts or pants. Staying high fashion in a low-key manner is the new trend in fashion.

Are you feeling relieved that you now have a chance to look fashionable even in simple modest dresses? Indeed, it’s all in the way you carry yourself in the garments. The bottom line is that confidence and cheerfulness are the essential elements in looking fashionable.

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