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Notable influences on Interior Designing Through the Years

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Interior design is all about creating the spaces that instill the feeling of “being at home”. It is interesting to observe how the art, science and philosophy of interior designing has evolved and influenced living spaces, through the years. It’s also interesting to know that much of the concepts and intentions on which it is based hasn’t changed dramatically.

The growth of interior design as a discipline is a showcase of changing outlooks, mindsets and preferences of the people. The fusion of architecture and interior design concepts of the East and the West is increasing and giving birth to trendy, ergonomic designs. Art and tradition are coalescing too. Modernity in design is an incessant exploration for the next best thing.


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Intercultural influences

Often we hear about vastu and feng shui when architecture and interior design is discussed today. The reason is inter-cultural exchange. That is also the result of increased tendency to break out of stereotypes and focus more on wellness of the people occupying a space.

Wellness has been the motive of ancient Eastern architectural practices too. Today, architectural varieties are welcomed that combine comfort, sustainability and innovativeness.

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Green architecture and sustainability

Today, there’s increasing consideration on how we should introduce nature into our living spaces, realizing its benefits. We bring plants inside the house, use non-toxic materials in construction and decoration. Interiors are designed to let more air and sunlight in. Sustainable designs and green homes thus promote healthier living.


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Changing concepts of spatial design

If you look at spatial planning and arrangement, the trends in interior design are such that clutter is eliminated and a “less is more” concept is promoted. For instance, cupboards are innovatively designed, laid out on walls and the furniture so arranged there’s more space in the middle of the room.

Today, richness of interiors is all about how aesthetically articles are made and arranged, rather than how many articles are accommodated in the room. Focus is on how the space expresses character and attitude. Moreover, it has been observed that the taller the ceiling, the happier people get. This clearly proves that illusion of space has a direct effect on the mind.


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Colors beyond conformity

Color selection completes the definition of interior design. Science today, helps identify and work on the effects of colors on human minds. It helps decide what ambience the space shall have, based on the choice of colors. Color choices has evolved from being conformity oriented to being an expressive art. Wall colors merge with wall art, multicolored patterns appear on walls and furniture colors match the colors in the room.

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