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Photography Practice: Photography and Activism

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When images can spearhead your messages, photography finds a purpose that needs a liberal amount of social or humanitarian commitment. Activism through photography in the present times is an extremely powerful tool employed creatively to bring about positive change.

The concept of a watchful eye has a formidable accomplice in technology these days. But compared to running raw visuals before the world, bringing up a message in a soul touching manner takes a lot of work. The concerted efforts of a photographer can create a frame that itself can bring a barrage of ideas, questions and messages to the viewer.

Photography as being a hobby turned profession, learned to make stunningly beautiful frames has been a common concept till now. But lately, even the photography training courses are introducing students to the scope of photography in activism.

Let us see few areas where activism and photography work hand-in-glove.

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Seeking Hands to Support

Charity is a major field that gets a boost from using photography as a medium to bring out the call of the needy. NGOs and charity organisations broadcast well-conceived messages using apt images. They speak enough of the distress that needs to be alleviated. In photography schools, charity as a theme is a matter of discussion and project, fostering the much-needed perspective in the area.

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Holding a Mirror to the World

Photography do not effectively just bring out a plea for assistance. It becomes the aggressive agent that voices the angst and desperation with its imagery while there are grave social issues to be addressed. Social activism through photography, dealing with the most rampant issues of the world, gets a deserving exposure through effective campaigns facilitated by well-executed photography.

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Giving Essential Awareness

Awareness is a vital element and it works at multiple levels in the society. In photography classes, you get to learn the art of clicking and editing images that are used thematically to disseminate important messages dealing with awareness.

So be it a campaign against traffic violations, unsafe driving, pollution, indecency or water conservation, its effectiveness depends on the capacity of the image to engage the viewer. The moving factor should work to make people react positively and with conviction towards the cause. This skill comes by for a photographer with thorough practice, research and dedication.

Activism using photography takes forms like photojournalism and photo documentary to do the needful to make a social impact. If finding new dimensions for photography is your passion, activism is a field you should explore.

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