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Scarves- An Everyday Accessory to Make A Fashion Statement

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There used to be a time when a scarf was only used to wrap around the neck in a freezing weather. But, these days, both men & women use scarves to add charm to their outfits. 

A scarf is a Fashion Accessory that can be worn in multiple ways. No matter wherever you go or whatever you wear, you’ll find a scarf that perfectly complements your outfit. These are available in a variety of designs and textures designed to fit every style.

Here are 3 ways through which you can design stylish scarves by yourself.

Flannel and Leather Scarf

This is a unique and trendy Fashion Accessory design. To make this on your own, you’ll need a cloth, some buttons and a piece of leather. All you have to do is to attach the buttons on the leather and then stitch it with the cloth.

Add Tassels to Your Regular Scarf

Scarves are always pretty but, you can make them look more attractive by adding tassels on both the ends. This will add a designer element to the scarf and give it an interesting look.

For this Accessory Design, you’ll need some tassels, needle & thread and a scarf. Stitch the tassels on the sides of your scarf and you are ready to flaunt it.

Use Your Old T-shirts to make a Scarf

There’s always an old t-shirt, which you might be considering to discard. You can bring them to use by making this stylish and comfortable scarf. Make several horizontal cuts on the t-shirt and then make a loop. Your scarf is ready!

You can learn to make some more trendy accessories by joining the Fashion Accessories Design course with Hamstech. Learn from the experts and get certified.

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