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Specialisations in Graphic Design

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Graphic designing is a highly creative art that is used for a wide range of applications. Whenever the art of graphic design is relevant, there is a need to make creatives for promotion, education or brand building. These functions are specialised and meant to be done by professionals for desired results.

Targeted use of graphic designing skills serves many specific areas where the craft is put into practice. After learning at an institute of Graphic Designing, one can decide to undertake any of the specialised activities in graphic designing. This kind of specialisation also has great value in the industry.

graphic designing course in hyderabad

A graphic designer is capable of doing plenty of creative activities. Graphic design courses ensure that a student gets comprehensive exposure and excels at his work. Later on, when the learner gets a firm footing in the craft, he/she can choose to concentrate on a particular area.

graphic designing courses in hyderabad

Hamstech, one of the top graphic design colleges in Hyderabad, has gained the fame of helping its students make such choices under the guidance of industry experts. Combined with the state of art learning apparatus and streamlined curriculum, the college gives a good grounding in the art of photography to the students.

graphic designing college in hyderabad

There are many specialised creative activities graphic designers can choose to master. These include:


This is a highly effective design element in graphic designing. Those who love artistically presented text can master typography and calligraphy. A lot of creatives used these days use the typography element. They enhance the design in a unique manner, especially when it comes to print media.


Creating icons to design products, websites and apps, is a highly challenging yet creative exercise. This needs a good grasp of fine art and deep knowledge in design conceptualisation. Icons done uniquely can enhance the identity and appeal of a product. They might be small but can make a huge difference.

User Interface Design

Designing user interface for mobile apps and websites is a highly professional job. The whole experience of browsing through the app or website is defined by the correct design implementation. While doing user interface design, the primary concern is making the user’s browsing experience smooth, hassle-free and positive. It’s a highly-planned creative job that you can excel only with a thorough understanding of user psychology.

Logo Design

In a brand Add Newbuilding exercise, designing the best logo that represents the brand’s qualities and aspirations is essential. It’s a big challenge for the graphic designer. However, when done well, it creates great value and identity for the brand.

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