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Specialisations offered in an Interior Design Course

Interior designing is a lucrative career option that requires professional expertise. Pursuing an interior design course, either as a diploma or degree, shall bring the advantage of certification and systematic training in such a creative domain.

Over the years, interior designing has gained popularity because of the growing demand for well-planned and well-designed residential and commercial spaces. There is an increase in the number of hotels, restaurants, offices, and apartments like never before. Building and designing an area as per the client’s outlook and specifications require a great deal of knowledge, skill and professional expertise. This, one can achieve only through a specialization course.

Amongst the many institutes offering interior design courses in India, Hamstech institute of creative education is known to offer one of the most advanced and updated curriculum. The course curriculum for interior design covers a gamut of essential and trending topics. Each semester gives a detailed and in-depth understanding of the subject.

Some of the trending topics taught at Hamstech are furniture designing, interior landscaping, revitalization of arts and crafts, and accessory designing. As a student of interior decoration courses or a course in designing, one can even decide to specialise in any of the above topics. All these topics are backed with lectures, seminars, and hands-on training to help students get a clear understanding and exposure.

Furniture Designing


furniture designing


Furniture designing is the art of finding innovative designs and fusing them into everyday furniture used in homes and offices. The discipline calls for designs created with artistic vision, involving concepts like asymmetry, multi-utility, thematic designs and minimalism.

Interior landscaping


interior decoration courses


The latest hot trend in interior design, interior landscaping literally brings nature’s greenery into the living spaces. Just like outdoor landscaping, plants that are installed and fused into the interior environment are maintained with regular care and culture. The health benefits and beauty factor combine so fantastically to give exclusively grand living spaces.

Art & Craft renovation and decoration


Image 3


Restoring art from its bad state to adorn the interiors with also is a trendy practice. Learning the art of restoring and presenting artworks like statues, paintings, handicrafts or graffiti complimenting the ambience of the room, takes a lot of instinct and technique to choose and implement.

Accessory designing


interior design


There are a lot of in-house accessories like lamps, curtains, flower vases, mirrors, candlesticks and sculpture, that can be creatively designed and arranged in the room. Accessories play a big role in creating and increasing the interior’s appeal; be it a room or entire building. Accessory design is a highly creative, yet sensible art.

Hamstech does more than just take classes and gives its students chance to learn from industry’s best in the field of interior designing. Doing justice to the concept of specialisation upheld by the institute, it has associated itself with internationally acclaimed interior designer Mrs. Shabnam Gupta. She is the mentor and chief advisor for Hamstech’s interior designing department. She has designed homes and offices for many celebrities who speak high of her works.

In a creative field like interior designing, there is always scope to learn and innovate more because there’s no other discipline that gives such opportunity and challenge for creative intervention. To have a certification in interior designing, along with being an architect, increases the mileage of one’s career manifold.  That will enable one to plan from the broadest to the smallest elements in building a home or office.

After one gains specialisation, he/she develops a unique style called signature. Also, with a specialization one gets an opportunity to cater to a vast and varied clientele.

As a leader in creative education, Hamstech institute keeps its students abreast with new developments and latest technology. The institute trains every student to enable him/her to become a successful designer, consultant or entrepreneur.

After doing a specialization, a student gets a wide choice of careers to choose from including set designer, store window designer, project manager and museum designer. Hamstech invites every nthusiastic candidate to join its interior design diploma courses to get the perfect direction and motivation to excel in the field.

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