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Interested In Becoming A Fashion Artist? Here’s What You Must Know!

If you are interested in fashion designing, chances are that you are interested in sketching. While most professionals have pursued some fashion courses in Hyderabad, others are self-taught in this aspect. It always pays off to have completed a fashion design career course in Hyderabad. To learn more about the different aspects of fashion designing, […]

Change Your Passion Into Career With the Best Fashion Designing College in Hyderabad

These days’ people are fashion conscious and know the importance of creating a style statement. The fashion industry is a booming industry and has a lot of potential. Fashion designing is turning out to be a career option for many young minds that have a passion for fashion. But this is possible only if they […]

Fashion Designing – Types of Apparel Designing

Fashion designers are responsible for conceptualising new designs and combining some of the finest accessories in the world. The core skill needed for fashion designing is creativity. A proficient fashion designer spends most of his/her time in identifying trends and predicting styles that would matter in the upcoming season. Fashion designing industry is huge with […]

Fashion Design Guide: Choosing the Right Palazzo

Fashion has taken a major leap over the last few decades. Right from tight fitted garments such as leggings to loose fitted ones like palazzos; women’s clothing has evolved drastically. Among the many outfits, palazzos have gained immense popularity as they are not only trendy but also extremely comfortable. They can be paired with traditional […]

Fashion Styling Activity: A Frame for Styling

It is encouraging for students to occasionally indulge in a creative activity to get a creative boost and chance to gauge their skills. Recently, the students of Fashion Styling course at Hamstech conducted a photo shoot in collaboration with the Photography Department. The photo shoot was themed around the outfits and looks of Indian women […]

The Art of Draping in Fashion Design

Draping is an art and forms an important aspect of designing. When a garment is draped on a structure, it must express fall, fluidity and fold.Romans inherited the love of draping garments from the Etruscans and Greek culture. Since then draping has been followed as a costume tradition in the Roman culture. Romans were distinctively […]

Hamstech Fashion Show Winners: Ebony Marquetry

Fashion shows are part of the learning experience of a student who has chosen a career in fashion design. This practical exposure helps students develop their individual skills, creativity and knowledge of the subject. Being a vast subject, fashion design has so much to learn. A lot comes with experience and exposure. Right from understanding […]

Fashion Design- 6 Popular Dyeing and Printing Techniques from India

The art of dyeing and printing has been part of Indian culture for centuries. Earlier, colours were derived from plants and animals which were the only source of natural colour. Application of these colours was also used to give texture, increase the durability of the fabric and add an element of interest. Dyeing and printing […]

Hamstech Earns its Perch in FDCI

In a spectacular advancement of its stature as a distinguished fashion design education institute, Hamstech has earned the prestigious official membership in FDCI, the apex body of fashion design in India. Hamstech entered into the field of fashion education in 1992, at a point of time when there was a wide scope for nurturing new […]

Fashion Styling Guide: Career Options to Choose from

‘Who’, ‘What’ and ‘Where’ are the 3 W’s trending in the entertainment and fashion industry. It matters most to celebrities who want to create a certain image and get noticed for their fashion sense. Have you ever wondered who the actual person behind all these looks and style is? It’s none other than a fashion […]