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The Trend of Weekend Courses in Fashion – Are they Really Helpful?

Fashion designing is a vast subject, which indeed needs time to be understood and pursued the right way. Many people often leave their aspirations to become a fashion designer for a mere reason that they don’t get time. Either they are still pursuing their higher education or struggling to find time from their work routine. In either ways, attending a fashion designing institute is next to impossible. Then, what’s the alternative?

Finding a solution to this common struggle, Hamstech initiated a practical approach in making fashion designing courses easy for everyone – even the busiest people. The Weekend Courses at Hamstech were introduced with an aim to not leave any dream of becoming a fashion designer unfulfilled due to the constraints of time. Hamstech, with its extensive research and experience of over 26 years in creative education introduced the weekend fashion design course in Hyderabad.


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About Hamstech’s Weekend Fashion Design Course


The Fashion Design Courses offered at Hamstech stand out from all the other fashion design institutes in Hyderabad. This is because, these courses are structured and shaped into a fine curriculum under the expertise of the 4-time National Award Winning Fashion Designer, Neeta Lulla. Known for her spectacular fashion statements given to Bollywood through films like Jodha Akbar, Devdas and more, Neeta Lulla is the face of fashion designing courses at Hamstech. This means that whatever a student learns in the weekend fashion designing class is mentored and guided by Neeta Lulla herself.


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Besides, seminars and practical sessions are organized for students to learn with Neeta Lulla directly, at the Hamstech’s widespread campus and gain practical insights of the Bollywood fashion industry. The approach to make busy students get the most of their weekend time and learn fashion design the more practical way, special celebrity guest lectures and workshops are also conducted from time to time.


How practical is taking up a weekend course in Fashion?


Weekend courses in fashion design are as practical as the regular courses of a fashion design college. The curriculum is similar and the education quality is certainly equivalent. However, at a wider spectrum, weekend courses have other advantages too:

  • You don’t have to disturb your routine to pursue your dreams as a fashion designer
  • As weekend courses are covered within shorter span of time, chances of becoming a designer are quicker
  • This will help students to pursue higher education after bachelors like business management, which is also a key element in successfully operating a fashion house or related business
  • It is a great alternative for individuals find it difficult to invest in a regular long term fashion design course.


What are the career opportunities with a weekend course?


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A student who has pursued fashion design courses on weekends has similar career scope like that of the one who has learnt fashion designing through Hamstech – General courses. Students can make careers into various verticals of fashion and style industry by taking up any of the following positions:

  • Fashion Designer
  • Boutique Owner
  • Fashion Consultant
  • Textile Designer
  • Retail Manager
  • Fashion Blogger
  • Fashion Model


And, Here’s how Hamstech’s Weekend Courses have helped students!


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Hamstech’s Weekend Courses have been a practical learning source and a platform of growth for hundreds of our students.  While one of our college going student, Ajay Sharma said “With Hamstech’s weekend course in interior, I could learn interior design and pursue MBA simultaneously and establish my own business after completion”, a busy working mom expressed her gratitude “Thank you Hamstech by introducing weekend fashion design course. It feels great to both, a working professional and a designer!”

From young students, working professionals to busy women – all could take benefit from Hamstech’s Weekend courses and enjoy a creative career, without disturbing their week’s schedule!

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