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Top 5 Reasons to Choose an Interior Designing Course

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Interior designing is a fascinating career, especially for those people who love transforming raw spaces into beautiful rooms. When choosing a creative profession, the first thing that most people think of is Interior Design. There is no doubt that this stream is the most preferred profession by students.

Considering the increasing population and space crunch, designing a space with limited resources is what people have started adapting to. Interior designing is not only about using creativity but also combining technical skills.

You could be great at understanding the colour palette, textures or even placement of home décor, but possessing just these interior decoration skills is not enough. Interior designing also involves the use of technical drawing, designing space using interior design tools and most of all marketing your services.

Quite recently, at a family get-together, I heard my aunt Kalpana say, “I guess I need to redo my home. There’s a lot of old furniture eating up the space at home. I would love to give it a fresh look. And soon!”.

My aunt’s home was cluttered with lots of furniture. We were really tired of seeing the same boring walls. Every time we visited her place we were welcomed by the bulky furniture that took most of the living space. Over the years, Aunty Kalpana kept hoarding on so much stuff that finally her house couldn’t take it anymore.

I could totally relate to what she was saying. That’s when I suggested that she should get in touch with my friend Nitin, who is an interior designer. He has an eye for detail and is excellent with space management.

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When Nitin discovered his true passion for raw spaces, he decided to pursue a 2-year Diploma Course in Interior Designing. Though he was open to other Interior Design Institutes but what drew him to Hamstech was the infrastructure and the curriculum.

Hamstech Institute of Fashion & Interior Design gave him the right exposure and platform to build a career. The curriculum not only gave Nitin theoretical knowledge but also practical exposure.

Here is what Nitin believes, drove him to choose this designing course:

Booming Career- Every individual wants a home that reflects his/her identify. Off-late the growing need for comfortable and luxurious homes has led to an increasing demand for Interior Designers. Therefore, people’s desires and wants to add aesthetics has increased tremendously. Hence, choosing an Interior designing course is a smart career move.

Challenging Project- Each project comes with a challenge and this is where you get to test your creativity and technical skills. You get to tackle various projects right from office spaces to homes to restaurants. In this way you not only meet the requirements of the client but also develop a bond.

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Be Your Own Boss– Being an Interior designer, you would be expected to travel and interact with clients. It’s not entirely a desk job. A mixed exposure of working inside and outside the office is what anyone would love! So if you are up a fusion of sorts, this job is perfect for you.

Job Satisfaction– “Do what you love and love what you do” stick by this mantra and you’ll only succeed. If designing for your clients gives you the satisfaction, then you’ve chosen the right career. After all, bringing positive changes to people’s home is truly a rewarding job!

Exposure- Being an interior designer directs you to work hand-in-hand with architects and engineers too. In the process, you also get to interact with various clients from different fields, which directly or indirectly gives you an idea and knowledge on various subjects. The right exposure can take you places in your career.
Pursuing an interior designing course just does not end here! As an interior designer, you need to constantly develop your knowledge, learn and always recreate designs.
Lastly, remember sustainable designs are what work best. So make it fun and creative!

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