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Use of Illustrator in Fashion Designing

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For a thorough professional, basic functions like sketching and designing with the aid of digital platforms and graphic software is an add-on. Today, in the industry, whatever makes a presentation better like high-quality artwork is accepted with zeal. They are considered as the benchmark in a subject like fashion designing.

A fact about fashion design is that it relates to the use of software to digitize activities. There are no specific standard software or digital tools meant for designing. CAD (Computer Aided Design) is a concept that has been extended from its application in industries like architecture to suit the purpose of fashion design.

Attending CAD sessions in fashion design classes reveals the fact that the fashion industry requires a software to work. Adobe Illustrator is one of the major requirements for a fashion designer in reputed fashion houses. The importance of CAD in the fashion industry stems from the many advantages of using digital tools. These tools help in getting excellent results for basic and backstage creative operations.


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Ideas From Paper to Pixels


A distinct advantage of digitizing the sketching and designing process is refinement combined with flexibility. Once an idea develops, a fashion designer quickly draws it on paper as a sketch. This is then converted to its digital form, from where managing the art and giving numerous ideas iterations becomes easier, manageable, preservable and shareable.



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Presentation for Impression


Digital presentations are well-known for their fine-quality and scope of the depiction of a concept. In fashion, the success of a design depends not only on the perfection of its illustration but the presentation of ideas. When both these factors are done on a digital platform, the results are bound to be quite impressive.


The Illustrator Advantage


The inclusion of Adobe Illustrator in fashion and design courses as part of CAD is done for good reasons. The software has been enabling artists to create professional standard vector graphics. Illustrator can certainly make your creativity shine.

In fashion houses, designers are expected to be good at fashion drawings. But, along with this, a good flair in Illustrator is a must needed skill to benefit the project. The reason is that in today’s fashion design houses, fashion illustration done using Illustrator have distinct advantages that directly benefit the output.


Affordable Software for Remarkable Results


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Adobe Illustrator is a wise investment as a software for fashion designing. The vector drawing and editing software have the traditional user-friendly Adobe interface. It has tools with options that create a wide range of strokes, shapes and patterns along with freehand or assisted drawing feature.

The cost factor of Adobe Illustrator hardly comes as a deterrent when a professional use of the software is concerned. The software comes from a graphics software industry giant, Adobe, that provides cutting edge vector graphics technology that is regularly updated for registered users. It gives them the edge in utilising features that have made the software the standard in every other industry it is used in.


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Great Tool for Sketching


Flat sketches are black and white drawings of garments with details like styling and stitching. These are more of detailed technical illustrations. During advanced fashion design training, Illustrator is introduced as the digital alternative for creating flat sketches wherein the details are presented with proportionate measures, neat stitch lines and cut specifications. Detail bubbles and callouts are also added to sketches to make them more informative.


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Best Tool for Textile Design


With Illustrator, creating customised patterns, textures and designs are very convenient. The textures can be applied to garment sketches seamlessly with the clear detailing of features like pattern direction, colour transitions and intensity.

Also, the models of garments can be presented in different fabric types with each fabric’s typical material pattern. Combining this with the textures and prints on garments, a proper view of the final design emerges.

Creating line sheets is another activity that can be effectively done using Illustrator.

The curriculum in fashion designing colleges typically has a very detail study of Adobe Illustrator as a highly essential tool in fashion designing.

Computer aided designing is a powerful professional tool in creating and presenting all kinds of products in different industries. The position of Adobe Illustrator as a prominent CAD software in fashion design is only expected to stay strong and increasingly influential in the days to come.

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