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What is Fashion Design and Textile Design?

fashion designing course

Thinking of which field to opt for or which field would take you towards success in life? Read this blog to get a brief information about Fashion Designing and Textile Designing. .

The field of designing is one of the most prominent and widely chosen streams by the youth. Out of all the other designing streams, fashion and textile designing are the fields that the students enrol in because both the streams have excellent growth in the market today.

Fashion Designing

Thinking about what is fashion (1) designing? Fashion designing is the art of creating new fashionable garments and accessories as per the latest trends in the industry.

The courses of fashion are carefully-curated, where designers keep learning new things with the growth in the market and enhance the required information and skill needed.

Textile Designing

fashion designing course

Textile designing is the kind of field, where the designer needs creative skills as well as the technical skills to survive in the market. As they have to work with big brands using the latest software in the market. For doing that the designer must have the complete information about the leading designing tools in the market.

Textile designing is a very creative field which requires the skills of a fashion designer and a very creative mind to have instant ideas. So, you can make new designs as per the latest trends in the fashion industry.

Here are the Skills You Need to Become a Fashion Designer vs. Skills You Need to Become a Textile Designer

fashion designer dress

The journey of becoming a fashion designer or a textile designer is not easy and will need hard work and concentration. However, to become a good designer, you need commitment and a special skill-set to cope with the latest trends in the market. Few of those skills required are:

For Fashion Designing

  • An Eye for Detail: This may seem the easiest but it is a very important aspect in fashion designing. As a designer must be able to see all the minute details before even putting it down.
  • Creative and Artistic Skills: In the world today, with so many fashion designers coming into the market, the only way to have an upper hand in the market is to have unbeatable artistic skills and creativity like no one else.
  • Spontaneous Ideas: There are times when the designers have to think instantly and give ideas at crucial moments. For this they need to have spontaneous ideas to present in front of others.
  • Excellent Drawing Skills: As we all know, designing is a creative field that requires a lot of sketch and illustration. For this the designers must be good with their creative and drawing skills.
  • Strong Communication Skills: Fashion designing is not only about creating sketches of garments it is also about marketing them for which the designer must have good communication skills. So they attract the client towards buying their product.


For Textile Designing

  • Technical Knowledge: For a textile designer, the most important part of their career is the right knowledge about the latest technology. This will help them walk hand in hand with the rapidly changing world. .
  • Research Skills: research is the key to all the questions as by researching leads to many new things like what is running in the market, what is the latest software in the market or where can you learn the trending software for which designers must have good research skill.
  • Data Handling: The life of a textile designer is always busy with work as they get a lot of multiple projects and contracts at a time. For this they need to be good at data handling so that they don’t lose any small detail about the project.
  • Critical Analysis Skills: Not only in textile designing but in all the designing fields analysing skills are very important to deal with a problem and solve it.

Career Options for Fashion Designer in India

 fashion designing colleges

Students who have obtained a degree in Fashion Designing can opt for numerous options after a bachelor’s or master’s degree in this field. The scope of fashion designers in India is huge, some of them even get a chance to intern or work with the top most designers like Rohit Bal, Varun Behl, Raghavendra Rathore, Manish Malhotra and a lot more.

Top Recruiters for Fashion Designers

  • Omega Designs
  • Pantaloons
  • Swarovski India
  • Orient Craft
  • Span India

Career Options for Textile Designers in India

indian fashion designers

There are a lot of career options for textile designers in India, few of them are listed below:

Top Recruiters for Textile Designers

  • Grasim Industries
  • Reliance Textiles
  • Fab India
  • Jct Ltd.
  • Mysore Silk Factory
  • Lakshmi Mills

By pursuing a Fashion Designing or a Textile Designing course, you can set your mark in the industry. With the right skill and passion no one can stop you from succeeding.

Both fashion and textile designing courses have their own pros and cons in the industry and to learn from the best fashion designing colleges Join Hamstech and choose from our wide range of fashion designing courses. Start a successful career in this creative industry through us today!

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