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What Makes Gemology a Core Subject of Jewellery Designing

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Jewellery has come a long way from shells and flowers and has now become a huge industry. People’s concept of jewellery has evolved over the decades. New ideas or trends have emerged that make the field of jewellery and Jewellery Design more dynamic.

But we know that gold jewellery, precious stones and fashion jewellery in all sorts of metals are here to stay! Here, from the standpoint of the Jewellery Design Institute, the need to be skilled at specialised crafts like gemmology has become more prominent.

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Gemology is not hard to understand as a term. It’s simply the art and science of studying, cutting, valuing, buying and selling precious stones. A student who has completed a Jewellery Design course, will want to add to this a lot.

What concerns us the most is the significance of Gemology in the curriculum of Jewellery Design courses. Is it practically a very important part of the study? How does Gemology really serve from a career perspective? Your answers may be derived from what we are about to discuss!

Evaluation of Precious Stones

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These days, jewellery increasingly involves not only buying metal jewellery but also the ones that include precious stones like diamonds, ruby and sapphire. The real question is, can every smith evaluate the quality of a precious stone? How do you make sure the diamond you purchased is genuine and natural? You can’t just say that with the price tag! It does take a certified gemologist to help you out on that!

Advice for Investment

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We all know about investing in metals like gold. However, real gems have their own value and can be a great investment too! A certified gemologist is a person who can give you the best advice on the resale value of gemstones. Going by what it’s worth, you can get the glitter and the worth of these stones if you build your trust on a gemologist.

Helps in Being Better Entrepreneurs

Do you want to shine as an entrepreneur in jewellery industry? A good jeweller is mostly a good gemologist too. By being a certified gemologist, you can be a trusted and sought-after jeweller for your customers.

Addressing the Need for Professionals

In fact, the need for certified gemologists has created a really lucrative career in the enormous industry they cater to. Truly, learning gemmology and getting certified is going to put you in a promising career!

So have you figured out what makes gemmology such an important field of study in Jewellery Designing? Learn more about this art with Hamstech’s Jewellery Designing Course!

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