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Why diamond grading is important in a jewellery designing course?

India is an artistically and aesthetically rich country. And Indian culture and traditions, as we know never falls short of relevance for jewellery. Here, there’s a strong career current that drives many talented people to choose a creative field as a profession. The jewellery industry is one such field that is always in a need for innovative craftsmen to create artistic, unique and definitive ornaments.

So all those who are willing to make a career in jewellery designing, should enroll with an institute that trains in the craft as well as creates an atmosphere where each student can exhibit and experience. The topics covered include making ornaments in precious metals like gold and silver, understanding the history of the art, learning the methods of design, understanding the business of jewellery and diamond grading.


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How gems matter

Gems and diamonds are an integral part of most Indian ornaments. Anyone who knows gems would value the precious stone for the 4 Cs: color, clarity, carat weight and cut. In the course of learning jewellery design, it thus becomes important to gain a good perspective of how gems are identified, classified and priced.

It definitely matters to ensure that any jewellery meets a prescribed standard set by national and international institutions. Those standards are pitched at the sales point to gain trust of the customer and giving them the pure worth on the jewellery sold. With respect to gems and precious stones, certification thus becomes essential to affirm that quality is not lost and the price is justified.


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The certification that adds value

A certified precious stone viz. diamond or gem is checked and evaluated scientifically and graded being classified after measuring the 4 Cs. The whole process is carried out in the lab that gives verdicts beyond doubt about its purity. The professionals in jewellery who do it are experts in precious stones called gemologists. That is a career path that can be specialized in by one who does a jewellery designing course in India.

Organisations like GIA which has been world’s foremost authority in gemology since 1931, has created global standards for precious stones. These standards are also followed in India, where GIA started serving in 2004. This is an important aspect to learn about in any jewellery designing course.


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Our courses and benefits

At Hamstech, our jewellery design course educates and train students in the art, science and business of jewellery. We lay the foundation for our students to enter into specialized career paths like Designers and Consultants, Fashion Jewellery Designers and Accessory Designers and Gemologists. Besides they are equipped to be jewellery entrepreneurs or jewellery retailers too.

The pioneers in India

Pioneers in jewellery design like Gemological Institute of India started the legacy of organised professional training in India in jewellery design and disciplines like gemology. In time the relevance of standardisation as a matter of quality assurance for jewellery covered precious stones too. Today the way precious stones are chosen by knowledgeable customers has also brought out the importance of practices like diamond grading. Hence it has also become essential that more experts like gemologists also emerge from jewellery designing courses that are at par with international curriculum.


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The careers

There are specializations that have demand like Graduate Gemologist and Diamond Graduate. These professionals deal with the refinement and certification of such precious stones as polished diamond, colored stones and rough diamond. Gemology courses deal with matters like crystallography, synthetics, fashioning gemstones and treatment of gemstones which are expert practices one can choose to do as a career.

The scope

Moreover, the knowledge and specialisation in precious stones has great scope and appeal overseas too. There, reputed jewellery brands are welcoming talented professionals in jewellery design and gem specialists. The modern trend of fashion jewellery has greater affinity to precious stones like diamonds and pearls. This is creating a greater scope to design jewellery in that respect, which needs good knowledge about practices like diamond grading.

The knowledge about diamond grading is an important part of the discipline of jewellery design, which is mandatory no matter what career the student is planning to pursue in this field. It qualifies one to be genuine and trusted as a jeweller. It is also going to be the base of a career as gemologist if one chooses it as a career option.

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