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Why Hamstech Institute is a Believer of Creative Education

“Creative education” is not entirely a modern innovation. Even “Gurukul” had the tradition of imparting education in innovative ways. Practice-oriented education was largely at the core of it all. “Creative education” is a concept that grooms a student based on his/her comprehension and creativity. For subjects that are rooted in imagination and creative skills, this fashion of pragmatic education works well.

This decade has seen emergence of stark parallels in methods of education, curriculum, purpose and career aspirations. Institutes like Hamstech has emerged successful in keeping the promise of delivering the youth from starving for opportunity to pursue creative careers.

At Hamstech, youngsters are trained at par with industry standards and deals with creative subjects like fashion designing. The institute has made conscientious efforts to break conservative outlook on careers. The trend of “respectable” employments staying aloof of creative affairs has faded into irrelevance.

Investing in the youth’s creative abilities helped Hamstech establish its connect with a generation. Hamstech found that the young generation aspired to make a mark in career areas that were hard for erstwhile generations to approve of. The institute initiated professional training in disciplines like fashion, interior designing and photography. For over 25 years, it established a benchmark for quality education, rooted in its firm belief that the era of creativity is now.

fashion designing


How Hamstech walked tall in fashion education

Hamstech was a pioneer in fashion design courses in Hyderabad at a time when tradition was the major contributor to concepts of beauty and attire. Hamstech gracefully introduced the art and science of fashion in Indian and Western contexts. The institute gave the opportunity to students to express their imagination and explore the possibilities of creating innovative designs.

The idea of presenting fashion as a lucrative and fulfilling profession through its Certificate Programme in Fashion Design synced well with the youngsters. The institute’s Diploma Course in Fashion Designing was made more fruitful with National award winner like Neeta Lulla to mentor students, enabling them to work their way into the industry. The course equipped students with the knowledge focused on working like their counterparts in the fashion industry.

A lot of placement partners Hamstech associated with, have been positively seeking fresh talents to work for them. Shows and events organised for students to exhibit their craft, gave them opportunity to gain attention in the fashion circles.




A method Hamstech gave students to click

Hamstech found that all it needed to do for scores of budding photographers was to train them in techniques, art and methods of photography. It brought certification in photography through its photography training courses to bring up a league of well-trained professional photographers.

Hamstech’s introduced its certification for photography rendering it from being underwritten as a hobby. Its photography classes worked on a curriculum that gave colors to a student’s vision and developed his/her signature style. The institute had experienced guides and roped in a celebrity mentor, Mr. Avinash Gowarikar, to cement the perception that photography is a career that is extremely prolific and rewarding.


interior designing


How Hamstech contributed to modern interiors concept

Hamstech brought to fore the career opportunities in making better homes. The institute introduced certification courses in interior designing confident of the fact that homes are going to be much more than edifices involving architecture.

Hamstech had industry experts associated with its courses for interior designing. They brought in more legitimacy to the message for budding designers that interior designing will be a core concept of setting up homes and offices in the future.


jewellery design


Hamstech gave gains to glitter

Jewellery designing is a trendy art that is so relatable with the Indian context. Hamstech took the craft of designing jewellery from the hands of traditional craftsmen and opened the opportunity to learn and excel in it for anyone. With its jewellery designing courses in Hyderabad, Hamstech broke traditions, brought in fresh perspectives and paved the path for numerous talented jewellery designers groomed with quality training and certification.

Hamstech has a legacy in introducing opportunities for numerous artistically inclined youngsters to effect pathbreaking creations. Hamstech’s stint with creative education has just begun as it plans to break barriers and involve several more courses that give students a chance to take a #creativecall.

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