Visualise a bright themed room with dull coloured furniture? Looks drab, doesn’t it? The role of furniture in interior designing is quite important. Many a times furniture alone stands as a style statement for a particular space or home. This is all about remodelling old furniture to pep up your home in a trendy way. […]

Indian style stands apart in any vertical of art and décor. Stretching from North to South and East to West, traditional indigenous Indian homes have so much to get inspiration from. There is a little place for curiosity to find those traditional homes in this new era of city landscaping. Don’t sigh, as those homes […]

The challenges for a software that allows you to plan and design interiors for your home or office are tough. But fortunately, the techies have broken through and come up with mobile and web applications that allows you to design and decorate interiors like a pro. Mobile devices are used today as a platform for […]

It is part-desire and part-purpose to design a house. An interior designer takes up the task of having the essential purposes and peripheral requirements of interior design for any space well materialised, with well-implemented logic. This is the stage at which he/she strikes a balance between the art and science of interior designing, creating an […]

A furniture is more than just about the raw necessity or desirable comfort. we always try setting our furniture with some embellishment and plush. Being an integral part of the appearance and content of an interior, giving away strong impressions to guests about your stature and character, furniture makeover comes naturally as your necessity considering […]

  It’s true that there is a variety of ideas that work just fine when it comes to interior design. The best interior design is a myth as it is in fact about the materialisation of a client’s imagination, purpose and intention. It differs from person to person and hence makes it imperative for an […]

Shabnam Gupta has established an interior design career that has earned her fame and celebrity clients including movie stars. She’s trusted in designing dwellings that radiate with positivity and expressiveness. She’s famous for her approach to interior designing that applies bursts of colours and interesting textures in a unique contemporary design. Her firm, “The Orange […]

Do you find yourself charmed by interiors with blooming green? Are you passionate about gardening but don’t know where to start?  If you want to experiment with indoor plants, keep reading. From an interior designing perspective, green interiors is one of the top trending concept today, turning homes into nature inclusive spaces. It’s even applied […]

In interior design course, you explore the evolution of shape that has gone into shaping up interiors through the times.  Shapes chosen in architectural and interior design reflect the contemporary mindset of a particular period. Learning about the evolution of shapes would be beneficial to an interior design student. A history of shapes in interiors […]

During the formative years of my teenage, when all my cousins were aspiring to become doctors, engineers and financial managers, I sketched my walls with flowers in pinks and reds. Colors, designs, patterns and illustrations would always attract me more than numbers, formulas and equations! May be my intuitive sense of style and my knack […]