2018 has seen more entrepreneurs coming into the fashion industry than what was witnessed in the previous decade altogether. The rise in the number of fashion entrepreneurs suggests the prevalence of a trend. But, isn’t the life of an entrepreneur is supposed to be filled with sleepless nights and multiple rejections after wandering from door […]

Are you a jewellery enthusiast, or aspiring to be a jewellery designer? Whenever you reach out to the store, you confront many terminologies used in jewellery scene. These words might have intrigued you! Now you don’t need to have to be concerned with that any more. Jewellery designing education in India is growing. It’s easy […]

Jewellery designing is a profession that is more about creativity. A professional jewellery designer should be a skilled artisan and have knowledge of precious stones and metals. The industry of jewellery designing and gems has brought innumerable employment opportunities in serving various purposes like making items for personal adornment, status symbols etc. There has been […]

Floral jewellery is beautiful, delicate and very elegant. In the ancient times, women would adorn themselves with different types of floral jewellery. Earrings, maangtika, necklace, bracelet, anklet, etc. are some of the common floral jewellery worn by women on various occasions. Even in the modern times, floral jewellery is preferred for occasions such as mehendi, […]

Jewellery design is all about creativity, skill and precision. In a creative field such as jewellery design, artisans are required to be highly skilled and knowledgeable in order to create unique and beautiful ornaments. Jewellery design has been practiced since ages. Right from the Indus Valley Civilization, men and women adorned themselves with jewellery. Bones, […]

Nothing can ever match up to the jewellery and artefacts of the Indus Valley Civilization. The prowess and efficiency with which every artisan crafts ornaments are worth the mention. The indus valley jewellery and harappan jewellery worn by both men and women was intricate, rich and sophisticated. The use of precious metals such as gold, […]

Need we ask what a woman’s best friend is? Yes, the popular adage says it’s a diamond. Well, it proves one point doubtlessly that jewellery has a big role in a woman’s life. It adds a glow to her face and sheen to her smile. The manner in which women select and buy jewellery is […]

Piercing the ear is one of the oldest forms of body beautification. The earring is a piece of ornament adorned by both men and women alike. It has been in use right from the times of the Minoan Civilization (2000-1600 BCE). From simple bone studs to fancy hooped rings, earrings have evolved a lot! Kings, […]

Be it a wedding ensemble, party wear or just a casual outfit, jewellery is something that instantly glam up the attire. The use of different textures on jewellery adds a distinct look. The texture on jewellery can either be achieved by engraving or embossing different patterns and motifs. The use of precious gems and stones […]

While taking a close look at a jewellery piece, have you ever imagined what goes into its making? The creativity of a designer, the skill and precision of a craftsman and the knowledge of metals and stones makes a professional jewellery designer who creates such a piece. Jewellery designing is a vast subject and there’s […]