Tradition all over the world has jewellery that are designed, crafted and worn with significance. It’s not hard to realise as even the fancy tattoo that you wear means something to you. Imagine how well defined must have been the symbolism of various types of jewellery that has transcended generations to be crafted and used […]

Jewellery has been a part of woman’s life since a very young age. From the first pair of gold ear rings to could the latest addition to your jewellery box, the vast variety of products in the market to choose from, I don’t think we’ll ever stop looking out for new and interesting designer jewels […]

Jewellery has always been an integral part of the Indian culture. The jewellery industry is dynamic and fast growing. Despite the challenges, this industry still holds lots of opportunities for aspirant designers. Over the years, the jewellery sector has undergone consequential changes as a result of consumer demand and the industry. Jewellery designing is a […]

In the world of DIY, even jewellery making has made its mark. With so many DIY project online, a jewellery enthusiast can find a hard time to decide what project to take up. How about you try these quick and easy projects. When you are doing a jewellery designing course, it’s essential that not only […]