Are you a jewellery enthusiast, or aspiring to be a jewellery designer? Whenever you reach out to the store, you confront many terminologies used in jewellery scene. These words might have intrigued you! Now you don’t need to have to be concerned with that any more. Jewellery designing education in India is growing. It’s easy […]

Jewellery designing is a profession that is more about creativity. A professional jewellery designer should be a skilled artisan and have knowledge of precious stones and metals. The industry of jewellery designing and gems has brought innumerable employment opportunities in serving various purposes like making items for personal adornment, status symbols etc. There has been […]

Jewellery shopping for yourself can be an overwhelming experience and fun too. But how many of us are actually confident of picking the right piece? Buying jewellery is also a skill because it requires a basic understanding of gemstones, metals, makings, etc. Pursuing a jewellery design course helps in identifying the various types of precious […]

Jewellery design is all about creativity, skill and precision. In a creative field such as jewellery design, artisans are required to be highly skilled and knowledgeable in order to create unique and beautiful ornaments. Jewellery design has been practiced since ages. Right from the Indus Valley Civilization, men and women adorned themselves with jewellery. Bones, […]

With the temperature soaring, it is not only important to pick the right clothing and accessories, but also jewellery. Summers are that time of the year when you want to be dressed in loose and comfortable clothes. However, when it comes to selecting jewellery for the season, you could probably follow the trend of ‘less […]

The first thing that any person would notice about a jewellery is the design. If the design is unique, it surely would get the attention of the buyer. The practice of chiselling jewellery is known as ‘engraving’. A piece of jewellery gets the perfect cut and shape only in the hands of a skilled craftsman. […]

Create a statement with your outfit or just a piece of jewellery. When you create a statement with an ornament, you instantly enhance your look. Among the many types of jewellery, you can create a statement with a pair of earrings too. You can incorporate it in your daily wear and add an element of […]

Indian jewellery is known for its fine artwork and array of designs. The art and style with which every ornament is crafted is worth the admiration. In a country like India, jewellery making is considered as a family business, a technique which is passed down through generations. In Indian culture, weddings and festivals are occasions […]

Need we ask what a woman’s best friend is? Yes, the popular adage says it’s a diamond. Well, it proves one point doubtlessly that jewellery has a big role in a woman’s life. It adds a glow to her face and sheen to her smile. The manner in which women select and buy jewellery is […]

Right from the earlier times of human civilization, hair accessories have been in existence. Irrespective of the rank, caste and culture, men and women adorned themselves with different types of hair accessories. The only one thing that distinguished the rich from the poor was the materials used to make them, including precious stones, gems and […]