What if you get a chance to dress a celebrity for an award function? Sounds exciting, doesn’t it? Yes, it’s as real as it sounds in a career such as fashion styling. You could not only get to become a celebrity stylist but also choose from a variety of careers such as personal stylist or […]

India is famous for its rich arts and crafts. Indian embroidery secures a special place in the Indian culture. There are dozens of embroidery styles that are inspired by different states of India. Each comes with its own history and background. Embroidery is done on various fabrics such as cotton, silk, satin, linen, crepe and […]

Fashion shows are part of the learning experience of a student who has chosen a career in fashion design. This practical exposure helps students develop their individual skills, creativity and knowledge of the subject. Being a vast subject, fashion design has so much to learn. A lot comes with experience and exposure. Right from understanding […]

Hamstech Fashion Show 2017, the annual fashion show organised by Hamstech, became the stage to showcase some very interesting collections. Denimkari was one such collection, that presented a unique fusion of two textile lineages that are worlds apart: denim and Kalamkari.     The collection “Denimkari” introduced a quirky combination of denim and Kalamkari that […]

Clothing as a human invention has evolved from a bare necessity to a highly fashionable accessory made and used by choice, through the centuries. The history of human development has spawned the changing concepts of clothing and fashion from time to time. Studying these periods of change from the fashion perspective has respective relevance to […]

‘Who’, ‘What’ and ‘Where’ are the 3 W’s trending in the entertainment and fashion industry. It matters most to celebrities who want to create a certain image and get noticed for their fashion sense. Have you ever wondered who the actual person behind all these looks and style is? It’s none other than a fashion […]

Jeans is labelled as the most comfortable and coolest outfit of all times. It is highly impossible not to find a pair in anyone’s closet! Over the years, jeans have grown to become an item of clothing globally worn by people. It is donned by almost every person, men or women, be it labourers, cowboys/cowgirls, students, celebrities, professionals […]

Have you ever wondered why celebrities, actors and other artists get instantly noticed for their dressing style? And why not?! Their dressing style certainly stands out from the rest. For that look to come out, there’re skilled hands that work in the background. Right from makeup and garment selection to accessories, every element is assorted […]

Every challenge to prove skill, talent and knowledge comes as a real opportunity for the strong-willed and the passionate. The Liva Protégé ’17 presented just the right platform for the budding fashion designers from all over India to join, design and showcase their creations to prove their mettle. Interestingly, the competition saw over 120 fashion […]

“Develop a passion for learning. If you do, you will never cease to grow”. Anthony J. D’Angelo, VP of Sales and Marketing at InterTrade Systems Inc. thus beautifully expresses the importance of education and learning. Following the new educational system and implementing the new methodologies, Hamstech Institute of Creative Education has always attempted to provide […]