A portrait shoot is one of the most wholesome experiences for a photographer. Both the photographer and the model enjoys it thoroughly. A perfect portrait image has so much to it than just a good shot. It weighs in on catching the raw emotion and expression of a person. A photography school helps students to […]

For an architectural photographer, shooting buildings or any structure for that matter, can be a challenging task. Architecture includes almost every concrete structure that we come across on a regular basis. Over the years, architectural photography as a subject has picked up tremendously. Today more and more students have started enrolling in photography training institutes […]

Hamstech’s photography students come up with exceptional shots and projects doing their photography training courses. Every student at Hamstech has an amusing and inspiring story to tell. We’d love to share a couple of stories with you from students at Hamstech’s photography institute in panjagutta.   Mahesh’s Wedding Masterpiece   “Last year, I decided to […]

A camera has the potential to open up a whole new world. While most of us enjoy photography, quite often we get absorbed in our clicking sprees and forget the actual focus. Be it a professional or a less experienced amateur photographer, mistakes are inevitable. For any photography enthusiast, clicking the right picture is the […]

They say, ‘A picture is worth a thousand words’ and indeed it is. A photograph conveys different moods, emotions, ideas, etc. all through the simple capture of a moment. Every photograph has a memory and every memory has a story. Stories come in all shapes and sizes. Don’t they? Some are long while the others […]