Most photographers know the basics of good product photography. To start with, you will need good lighting and knowledge of the appropriate lenses. Photography Classes are a great way to improve your skills. Product photography can be a fun endeavour, pushing your creativity to new heights. Photography Colleges teach you all the techniques required to […]

Before we get started, let’s understand what is meant by stock photography. Selling your photographs and giving someone the license to use them is known as stock photography. Capturing moments has become a trend now. Whenever we go out, we love to click picture of others or take selfies with our friends, isn’t it? If […]

No matter what your experience in the field of photography is, most people love landscape photos. Pick any subject, location or weather conditions, the results you get from this photography technique will always be amazing. You can take Photography Classes to learn the right techniques from professionals. If time is the constraint for you in […]

Hamstech hosted Pixel Perfect, on 27th July 2019. It was their 3rd annual photography exhibition where each student showcased their distinct talent in this field. The event was all about artistic frames and unique perspectives beautifully transformed from ‘lens to life’. Hamstech is known as one of the best Photography colleges in Hyderabad. Students are […]

The world is open to tour and travel and nobody can collect lasting memories like a photographer. This is the spirit upheld by students at a Photography training institute while working on their assignments and shoots. The same spirit leads photography enthusiasts to capture interesting and attractive sights when they venture outdoors. Don’t you love […]

Candid photographs are tough to get. It’s not just about capturing a moment but the emotions the frame contains. Moments are brief, they come and go in the blink of an eye. Photography Courses at Hamstech teach you all the right techniques needed. Here are 4 tips for taking great candid photographs that you can […]

While most people curse summer for the scorching heat, for photographers it is an ideal time to capture amazing frames amidst the nature. Most of the photography courses in India, teach the student techniques for a summer click. If you love clicking pictures and want to be a part of this glamorous industry, a professional […]

Most of us love to click pictures. If you are a novice, some pictures are good, some are bad. If you already have a knack of clicking pictures, you might be aware of the basic techniques of photography. However, this is not sufficient to build a career in photography. Especially if you have plans to […]

It is often seen that indoor photography is the first theme that people learn in their photography lessons. A lot of trial and error happen before mastering the art of photography. This is true with photography classes too. Students keep experimenting as they learn. Indoor photography is often the first instance of experimental learning of […]

Photography has a different meaning for different people. But professionals photographers have an enlightening experience with their craft. Photography can be learnt at photography colleges. But it takes a journey of discovery to master this art. You will learn about many famous photographers in photography classes. Their observations about photography are very valuable. It’s such […]