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Basic Tools required for Jewellery Making

Be it any profession, basic hand tools are essential to practice in any trade. For decades, artisans and craftsmen have been using tools and equipments of different shapes and sizes to craft objects. The importance of learning to use the right tool for the right purpose is what one essentially imbibes from a professional course. This is a fact for jewellery making too, which is a thriving activity even in the modern times with innovative designs gaining increasing demand.

Jewellery designing is a creative as well as a lucrative career. Every jewellery designer needs to work with specific tools in order to create a stunning piece of jewellery. If one wants to get started with making a piece of jewellery, then he/she needs to list out and access the necessary tools keeping it handy at all times at work.

Even before one can get started on this, a formal education in jewellery designing will be required. Jewellery designing is an art and not every person is able to craft out a beautiful piece of jewellery. It is only through a jewellery designing course that one can get equipped with the best knowledge and skill on jewellery making. The course also gives a basic understanding of each tool and how to use it.

Among so many jewellery designing institutes in India, Hamstech has been able to offer one of the best jewellery designing courses available for enthusiastic learners. As a Hamstech student, one gets the opportunity to learn about creating the most intricate artwork from some of the most experienced and well-trained faculty members.

In Hamstech’s jewellery design class, a discourse on basic jewellery designing tools is a part of the curriculum. Let’s list here some basic tools required to create jewellery.





Basic materials like wires, metals, beads, gems and stones are extensively used in making jewellery. These are objects that are mostly hard to be handled effectively with bare hands. Therefore, different types of pliers are used by craftsmen.

  1. Flat nose pliers

The flat nose pliers are conical in shape and taper towards the tips, thus helping with an easy grasp of wire and metals. This is best suited for wrapping wire ends.

  1. Round nose pliers

The round nose pliers are designed perfectly to bend, twist and make loops with any type of wire. These pliers can easily help in making a smooth curve. So, if one wants to make a wire ring, he/she can use this category of pliers to help get a perfect round shape.

  1. Nylon tipped pliers

Wire wrapping may not be an easy task. It requires a lot of practice. The nylon tipped pliers are used to pull the wire through a loop. These pliers come really handy when you have to loop multiple wires.

Apart from the basic plier’s varieties, other cutting equipments include wire cutters and toenail clippers.  These make prominent part of a jewellery designer’s toolkit.


image 2-a31



In jewellery making, the saw is also one of the important tools used. Saws come in different grades for specific purposes. Depending on how intricate the design is, different saw blades are used to create varieties of small cuts.


image 3-a30



A file is another essential tool in jewellery making. Like saws, files also come in various sizes. Therefore, depending on how large the area is, a file is used to clear excess material from the surface of the jewellery.

Mostly, filing is used to give final finish to jewellery. A jewellery-maker checks the final shape and files it to give a final cut.


image 4-a30



In order to achieve the final result, an array of polishing tools is used. Different polishing sticks specifically designed for intricate work is used to bring out the best shine on the piece of jewellery.

With a good understanding of basic jewellery designing tools, one can confidently start with making one’s own jewellery. Since using these tools need expert knowledge, it becomes necessary to learn about it on a professional level.

A student should get the right exposure and the training to use the different tools effectively in jewellery designing. So it’s best for one to join a jewellery design class and master the art of jewellery making.

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