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3 Types Foundations in Makeup You Can Use for Different Skin Types

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Women love applying makeup. As much as they love lipsticks, they like using foundations as well. This helps cover-up uneven skin tone, dark spots or acne marks. Though experts advice against using this on a regular basis You can definitely opt for one for parties, weddings or important meetings.

For a better coverage, it is essential to apply it properly. You can join Makeup Artistry classes to learn the right technique from professionals.

Here are three types of foundations in makeup that you can use for different skin types:

Powder Foundation

Powder foundations are perfect for people with oily skin. As these are talc-based, they work by soaking up the excess oil secreted by your skin. They come in light to medium coverage. Experts at Makeup Artistry institutes advice to be careful as trying to use powder as a full coverage foundation by applying multiple layers can give your face a heavily caked look.

Mousse Foundation

Mousse foundations are suitable for all skin types. They are being preferred by many as these are light on skin. These can provide medium to full coverage and do not settle into the ridges and accentuate lines and wrinkles. But they are not long lasting and can wear off in about three hours.

Cream Foundation

Cream foundations are best for people with dry skin. They are long lasting and can stay for 10 hours without creasing or caking, keeping your skin hydrated the whole time. The coverage of a cream foundation is medium, so it can hide light blemishes and very fine lines.

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