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5 Kinds of Fabrics used in Jewellery Making

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5 Kinds of Fabrics used in Jewellery MakingJDJewellery designers always pay great attention to the basics of jewellery making and quite rightly so! After all, it is important to be by-the-book and adhere to the rules when learning a new craft like jewellery designing.


That’s why, often, students who enrol in a Jewellery Designing Course, are taught by their instructors to get their foundation right first, so that they can go on to make innovative pieces.


Every jewellery designer has played around with trending styles and with unconventional material to create unparalleled collections. But during their tenure in a Jewellery Design School, they must have first understood the rudimentary details of what goes into Jewellery Designing before venturing into creating their own line.


On that note, through this blog, let’s learn about 5 kinds of fabrics used in Jewellery Making.


#1 – Cotton

Cotton is mostly associated with clothing. But this natural fiber can also be used for jewellery designing.


#2 – Linen Luxury

Linen, another natural fabric with ancient roots, is the oldest fabric known to man. Cultivated from the flax — or linseed — plant, linen has been found in the tombs of ancient Egyptians. Linen is a refreshing choice for hot weather; the fabric’s stiff structure prevents it from sticking to the skin and it allows continuous airflow to the body.


#3 – Crochet Ribbon Necklace


Crochet this simple 5-strand necklace using beautiful ribbon yarn. Each strand features beads that are crocheted in as you go. Along with the glitter of the beads, the shimmer of the ribbon fibers create a luxurious accessory.


#4 – Silk

When you plan to buy jewellery your choices often are not restricted to precious metals or gemstones. You would also like to buy varieties of alternative jewellery made out of materials like terracotta, silk threads, quills, crochet and paper.


#5 – Ring-o-Flowers


Flower rings is just a 10-minute craft work. All you need to do is take any stiff fabric like jute or linen and cut them in the shape of flowers. If you don’t have a stiff fabric, then use a fabric fusing. Take the fusing and place it over a soft fabric.

Run a hot iron so it can fuse with the fabric.


So dazzle your designs by using a bit of fabric and a whole lot of creativity!

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