Love Jewellery Designing? Preserve Your Favourites with These Tips!

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Gone are the days when gold and silver were the only metals used for jewellery. Costume jewellery is trending and women love to wear them for all occasions because they are lightweight, less expensive and offers a variety. Trinkets, fashion jewellery, junk jewellery- all of them are an integral part of a woman’s wardrobe. If […]

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4 Stylish Bracelets You Can Learn Making through Jewellery Designing!

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Women are nor replacing their gold and diamond jewellery with much-affordable, stylish and variety of fashion jewellery. One of the most common jewellery that our modern women adorn for both parties and regular day at work are the bracelets. Just because you love to wear bracelets doesn’t mean you can wear a funky beaded one […]

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Want to Know About Jewellery Stones? Here Are 4 Facts about Gemology!

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Gemology is the science that deals with real or artificial gemstones. If you have a knack in Jewellery Designing and want to pursue this professionally, it is important that you learn about different stones. Once you are able to give your customers correct information when they come to buy stones, this knowledge will help build […]

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Set the Trend this Season with these 3 Jewellery Making Ideas!

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Choosing the right pair of jewellery can often enhance your look and make you look like a diva. Just like clothes, jewellery trend in fashion world also keeps changing. As a result of this, jewellery designers are trying to create newer patterns in ornaments every day. People, these days, love customised jewellery pieces. The best […]

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