India is the home for one of the most graceful and simplest feminine attire; the saree. Saree has been the part of Indian tradition since the earliest days of civilisation. The stupendous variety of saree designs in India inspires fashion enthusiasts and designers across the world. An amazing fact about saree is the number of […]

A creative job needs a label for itself and a platform to showcase the output. In any vertical of design like Fashion, Interior, Jewellery and other Computer Aided designs it is essential to withstand the competition in the market and make a remarkable impact. If fashion designing is to be talked about, India’s Fashion Domain […]

When you are bubbling with ideas to make your garments look beautiful, make a unique statement or simply be more stylish fabric painting design ideas come in handy.. It makes uninteresting garments come to life. The garment is your canvas and painting, the art with technique. Fabric painting design is all about the motifs you design, […]

Educational site visits are one of the most powerful learning tools. Such exposures enable students to develop professional and interpersonal skills. Learning in a new environment adds value to the academic education of a student. Among the many educational institutes today in India, the Hamstech Institute of creative education has embedded new teaching-learning methodologies into […]

Jeans are one of the most versatile outfits that have been reigning for decades now. Considered as a quintessential outfit, jeans have greatly evolved in the past few years. They are no more just a casual wear but have elevated to an everyday outfit. Imagine if you could wear an outfit that is creatively styled […]

Marc Chagall made an interesting quote once that said “All colours are the friends of their neighbours and the lovers of their opposites.” How well it reflects the psychology behind choosing colours for garments to be fashionable! Being avid about fashion and fashion designing, you should be eager to know more about pairing the right […]

What exactly do you understand by the term ‘dyeing and printing’? When you look around, every fabric is either dyed or printed. Be it the clothes you wear on a daily basis or the upholstery at home, everything has a splash of colour and print on it. Dyeing and printing is known to be an […]

When it is time to advance from your latest academic achievements, you can either take a beaten path of “prestigious” courses or can listen to your true calling. Best career decisions come from proper introspection and planning. June is the month for you to act on your career decisions. Hamstech Institute can introduce you to […]

Fashion design is a study that is far beyond just designing. So let us understand a yet another important aspect that is fashion communication? It involves the process of channeling the message of your brand to its consumer. All things considered, there are several pivotal activities that transform ideas into sales happen by virtue of […]

Fashion designing creates fun days for those free as birds, any day indoors goes for nerds. But nerds are no more written off. The fashion industry today acknowledges “nerd fashion”, which is a recognition for a very understated population. It’s also a matter of discussion in fashion and design courses today. Nerds were earlier considered […]