It is a dream come true for an ambitious fashion designer to get a chance to participate in the internationally renowned Lakme Fashion Week. Lakme Fashion Week is a platform for successful designers to showcase their new collections, upcoming designers to establish their identity and budding designers to create a name for themselves. The grand […]

For a thorough professional, basic functions like sketching and designing with the aid of digital platforms and graphic software is an add-on. Today, in the industry, whatever makes a presentation better like high-quality artwork is accepted with zeal. They are considered as the benchmark in a subject like fashion designing. A fact about fashion design […]

What does your style statement say about you? Do your fashion accessories help you to be  original or stay trendy? Has your fashion concept and practice been strikingly different? Fashion often walks a line between conformity and creativity, making its way to mainstream acceptance or categorised exclusivity. But when people can’t hold back their urge […]

With the mercury soring by the day, summer fashion is now at its peak. This season, all you will need is a capsule size wardrobe with a collection of chic, yet comfortable clothing. Versatility, we say, is the key to your summer fashion. This includes garments of different sizes, shapes, colours, materials and prints teamed […]