Achieving a chic and harmonious look for a home without an interior designer may not be easy. Over the years, it has become a trend for celebrities to hire designers. Interior designer’s  in depth subject knowledge and skills enables them to replicate your ideas into concrete forms. In a creative profession such as interior designing, […]

  It’s true that there is a variety of ideas that work just fine when it comes to interior design. The best interior design is a myth as it is in fact about the materialisation of a client’s imagination, purpose and intention. It differs from person to person and hence makes it imperative for an […]

Shabnam Gupta has established an interior design career that has earned her fame and celebrity clients including movie stars. She’s trusted in designing dwellings that radiate with positivity and expressiveness. She’s famous for her approach to interior designing that applies bursts of colours and interesting textures in a unique contemporary design. Her firm, “The Orange […]

During the formative years of my teenage, when all my cousins were aspiring to become doctors, engineers and financial managers, I sketched my walls with flowers in pinks and reds. Colors, designs, patterns and illustrations would always attract me more than numbers, formulas and equations! May be my intuitive sense of style and my knack […]