Weekend Photography Course is a great means to learn photography. Architectural photography interests every beginner. It looks exciting but is equally challenging. You get to travel a lot and view grand architecture from all parts of the world. However, if you cannot capture the beauty and details of the building, your pictures won’t come out […]

Aren’t we all mesmerised by the beauty of the sky? Be it night or day, the sky always looks beautiful. If you love nature photography, you might have taken numerous photos of the sky. However, adding a few elements to your frames can automatically make it more interesting. According to the top Photography college in […]

Professional photographers can always explain why they choose a specific style of photography. This stands true for choosing between monochrome and colour photography too. While some choose this as a constant style, for others the choice of monochrome or colours is subjective. Photography training courses can give you the know-how and expertise to be purposeful […]

Everyone waits for summers, of course not for the heat, but for vacations and outings. People enjoy time with their family and friends; collecting memories in the form of photos or simply showing off the photography skills. Here are 5 best subjects that you might want to shoot to explore the beauty of summers. Beach […]

Do you sometimes travel to places just to take photographs? If you are a photography enthusiast, let us motivate you a little more in that direction. Now, you cannot expect to stay around home expecting to click a lot of wonderful pictures. So, it’s necessary, especially students in photography colleges, to explore locations with great […]

So you wish to become just a photographer or do you want to be a great photographer? Indeed, there’s a difference between the two. At some point in our lives, we all have taken a great shot, accidentally. Have you ever wondered how even the most camera reluctant people come up with those amazing pictures? […]