Sustainable fashion is one of the most rapidly spreading movement in the fashion industry. the fast pace at which we all are consuming our natural resources is quite alarming, so much so that even top designers and production houses have decided to realign the manufacturing process starting from every stage. The growing trend has encouraged […]

Marc Chagall made an interesting quote once that said “All colours are the friends of their neighbours and the lovers of their opposites.” How well it reflects the psychology behind choosing colours for garments to be fashionable! Being avid about fashion and fashion designing, you should be eager to know more about pairing the right […]

Fashion is a huge industry. Fashion touches the psyche of everyone in the society. It’s an enchanting industry, nevertheless with its own glaring issues. The biggest problems of fashion and fashion designing industry relates to people. It’s about those who put herculean efforts in an ultra-creative industry. It’s also about those who believe in fashion […]