The wedding season is never over in the Indian fashion scene. As for any other fashion trend, bridal fashion too just keeps on coming with new collections and styles to look out for. When thinking of bridal wear, it would mostly bring the ornate, red saree to mind. It’s still very much the cultural attire […]

India is the home for one of the most graceful and simplest feminine attire; the saree. Saree has been the part of Indian tradition since the earliest days of civilisation. The stupendous variety of saree designs in India inspires fashion enthusiasts and designers across the world. An amazing fact about saree is the number of […]

A creative job needs a label for itself and a platform to showcase the output. In any vertical of design like Fashion, Interior, Jewellery and other Computer Aided designs it is essential to withstand the competition in the market and make a remarkable impact. If fashion designing is to be talked about, India’s Fashion Domain […]

When you are bubbling with ideas to make your garments look beautiful, make a unique statement or simply be more stylish fabric painting design ideas come in handy.. It makes uninteresting garments come to life. The garment is your canvas and painting, the art with technique. Fabric painting design is all about the motifs you design, […]

With the rapid change in the professional industry today, people barely find the time to pursue a course or a career where their passion lies. Be it a working professional or a homemaker, everyone has one particular passion which they wish to pursue and hone into a skill. For every individual, time is money. Considering […]

What’s the next big thing in fashion? A very obvious question every fashion designer would want to know. For a matter-of-fact, there’s always something new and upcoming in fashion like a new silhouette, colour prediction for the season, a new pattern or style or even a new fabric. Talking about fashion these days, there are […]