Rainbow looks beautiful. Period. That doesn’t mean you would too, by wearing VIBGYOR colours; all concurrently.     It takes real knowledge of colour to become a great fashion stylist. Without proper understanding of colours and their properties, building a successful career in the fashion industry would be the same as crossing the Sahara Desert; […]

What if I told you that despite the glamour associated with fashion designing, the profession has many hardships? Would your dreams of becoming a designer be shattered? Don’t worry. Hardships are common in almost all professions, even for an ATM guard whose only job is to spend the entire day sitting and staring at incoming […]

If you are aspiring for a career in fashion designing, then surely you would want to join any of the top fashion design colleges and get trained by prominent designers. Well, before you take this confident leap into your desired career, it is important that know the basics of choosing a top fashion college and […]

The concept of wearing appropriately is not alien to you. But understanding dress codes is going one step ahead! Though the concept of dress codes are more prominent in the Western culture, Indian fashion also has the tradition of dressing up for the occasions like weddings, festivals and mournings. But, today, we witness the influence […]

Summers have set in and so has the fashion for the season. The Indian summer fashion brings with it an interesting colour palette teamed with traditional embroidered motifs and patterns. Considering the extreme summers of India, most people think of dressing in simple clothing. However, you can break-away from the stereotype and create your very […]

What if you get a chance to dress a celebrity for an award function? Sounds exciting, doesn’t it? Yes, it’s as real as it sounds in a career such as fashion styling. You could not only get to become a celebrity stylist but also choose from a variety of careers such as personal stylist or […]

We understand fashion is a craze for many. But appropriateness is not a new concept and works great in different occasions of life. Fashion fails need not be always the result of ignorance. The vices of overconfidence, desperation, bad advice, imitation and compromise makes many a wardrobe just a pile of evidence of an identity […]

India is famous for its rich arts and crafts. Indian embroidery secures a special place in the Indian culture. There are dozens of embroidery styles that are inspired by different states of India. Each comes with its own history and background. Embroidery is done on various fabrics such as cotton, silk, satin, linen, crepe and […]

Clothing as a human invention has evolved from a bare necessity to a highly fashionable accessory made and used by choice, through the centuries. The history of human development has spawned the changing concepts of clothing and fashion from time to time. Studying these periods of change from the fashion perspective has respective relevance to […]

Jeans is labelled as the most comfortable and coolest outfit of all times. It is highly impossible not to find a pair in anyone’s closet! Over the years, jeans have grown to become an item of clothing globally worn by people. It is donned by almost every person, men or women, be it labourers, cowboys/cowgirls, students, celebrities, professionals […]