You know the idiom “Home sweet home”. But it’s not uncommon that one has a hang of that hotel room he/she stayed in probably on the last vacation trip. There’s something about it that is amiss at home and you wish if only that feel could be created at home. If this has happened to […]

Antiques always hold a special place in our lives in more ways than one. Most importantly, they connect us with the glorious ancient history. In interiors, antiques enhance the beauty of the particular space. On the other hand, antiques can also be a part of one’s personal collection that may be used in interior designing […]

An expert’s method of getting the work done always stand much better in comparison to the best DIY (Do It Yourself) job you do in designing your interiors. Though it’s said that internet has plenty of innovative ideas to design and decorate homes, the best results come with some involvement of an expert. As for […]

It’s the right time to follow the cool ideas in interior design today. Break away from the drag of monotonous interiors and clutter. It’s the world where new ideas don’t just simply click, hence it’s essential to have a practical enhancement that makes life easy or more exciting. This fact is very true about interior […]

With autumn just around the corner, you would want to prepare your home to welcome the coming season. This autumn, get your home ready with an interesting palette that breathes life into every room. Here is your chance to embrace warm colours and rich shades to add a twist of fun and style to your […]

It’s great news that Vaastu is changing lives of millions positively! Even the West is exploring Vaastu and its experts are thankfully promulgating the science for everyone around the world. Vaastu is an ancient system of building architectural structures that carefully takes into account the influence of natural forces that are well-known to influence health, […]

We all love the feeling of exquisite furnishing, well-adorned walls and luxe feel of satin and textiles. The interior magazines are to blame. They spark the desire to replicate impressive interiors and provide endless ideas and inspirations. Designing interiors for the first time or revamping them with custom furniture is a great idea. Interior design […]