Professional interior design is one of the major aspects of making dream homes and interior designers are making quite an attempt to convert ideas to reality. But what makes an interior design remarkable is the unique plan that is formulated when there is a merging of the client’s interior design ideas and requirements with the […]

Surely, improving health with jewellery sounds like a good deal! Though not many think in those lines before wearing their favourite ornaments, fortunately, a lot of health benefits are accrued in the process of using jewellery, especially those crafted in certain metals. If you learn a little more about jewellery’s health effects, you can find […]

Flooring designs are an integral part of planning the interiors of a setup, be it home or workplace. It has a great role in completing the total theme of the interior. In interior designing, determining the design and material for the floor bases itself on the expected user experience. Elegant floor design can be achieved […]

For all those who live in a well-furnished, aesthetically pleasing homes today, did you once upon a time believe taking up the challenge to revamp your house would be easy? Did you believe you will actually start to love the new colour of your windows so much? Don’t you think adding the multi-purpose table and […]

The challenges for a software that allows you to plan and design interiors for your home or office are tough. But fortunately, the techies have broken through and come up with mobile and web applications that allows you to design and decorate interiors like a pro. Mobile devices are used today as a platform for […]

Celebrities carry their style statement everywhere and surround themselves with people and property that reflects their true tastes and outlook. Being ardent fans of celebrities, we keep a tab on much that goes on in their lives. It’s not uncommon by that measure to notice the dwellings they build or buy and appreciate its appearance […]

With inspirations all around us, it’s important to be open-minded and see the beauty around us to help fuel our creative designs. Nature has always been a popular source of inspiration followed by students at Hamstech Institute. From designing garments to making matching jewellery, to setting the theme of your house or photographing moments, nature […]

Achieving a chic and harmonious look for a home without an interior designer may not be easy. Over the years, it has become a trend for celebrities to hire designers. Interior designer’s  in depth subject knowledge and skills enables them to replicate your ideas into concrete forms. In a creative profession such as interior designing, […]

Learning is fun at Hamstech. With us, the students mature in their interior designing skills, given the opportunity to enjoy their learning process. We’d love to share a couple of stories told to us by our interior designing students. Each story would be giving you a glimpse of their experience at Hamstech doing their interior […]

During the formative years of my teenage, when all my cousins were aspiring to become doctors, engineers and financial managers, I sketched my walls with flowers in pinks and reds. Colors, designs, patterns and illustrations would always attract me more than numbers, formulas and equations! May be my intuitive sense of style and my knack […]