Many of us love to read books, but not all of us can have a library at home. Book lovers always tend to keep their books in the perfect order, arranged. You can use a shelf or a rack and make a cosy reading nook in any part of your house. The experts of Interior […]

Small spaces are a major issue in our country. The growing population is resulting in the lack of area. Hence, Interior Designing, these days, are focusing on making small spaces look spacious and beautiful too. These should be comfortable, affordable and modern. Here are five smart ideas which are taught during any Interior Designing Course […]

In Interior Designing, seeing is believing; especially when it is closest to reality. Realism comes in many ways. A 2D drawing or a painting can do the job. However, nothing beats the experience with 3D models. People used to go old school with sketched home plans until now and were pretty unsure about what went […]

The antique pieces of home décor makes a house unique. We have often found ourselves standing confused at a décor store. Sometimes all we need is the perfect Interior Designing guidance; someone to tell us what looks good with the colour of our walls, which décor item should be placed in which part of the […]

With the art of Interior Designing, the designers can set a world themed to comfort and inspire you at all places. If you have the passion to design interiors, you must take up an Interior Design course to develop it. Before you scroll through courses for Interior Designing, let’s check out what designers work with […]

Did you know that interior designers use standard tricks while working on their projects? No matter what the given space or the clients’ requirements are, Interior Designers use a lot of smart work along with hard work.   Whether you are a student of an interior design weekend course, diploma course or a degree programme, we […]

Are you troubled that your apartment or house looks smaller than you expected? Then it’s time to consider a few hacks for the solution. There are several tricks that you learn in Interior Designing to make rooms look bigger. This also includes manipulation of colours. Applying certain colours can give an impression of increased room […]

It is important to decide the manner in which the interior is explored by the client during a presentation. Interior Designing courses give great importance to this exercise.

They also ensure universal accessibility standards. During Interior Design courses, they are trained to make functional spaces even for disabled people.

Using the right window for the right space makes great designs possible. If this is something that interests you, enrol in Hamstech’s Interior Design course and master the art of decors!