With the best of technology in the palm of our hands, taking pictures on the go has become a growing trend. Now you don’t need a DSLR to take great shots, you can get the best quality pictures from a good smartphone camera too.  Long time ago, to take a picture you had to go […]

Skill and technique are the two master keys to any good photograph. If you’re interested in nature photography, we’d suggest the best place to begin is your backyard. Now you might wonder why? The reason being your backyard serves as the perfect learning environment as you get to spend ample time getting the best shots. […]

Occasionally, we find faces timeless and capture them in a portrait that immortalises them. Portrait photography is for many photographers their category of specialisation. Those attempting to gain mastery in it are keen not to just click faces, but render it as a timeless composition. Many photography schools train students in this exclusive category of […]

There is so much to explore in photography. Out of the many genres in photography, fashion photography is quite renowned. Fashion photography has many elements to it such as camera, composition, colour scheme, etc. All these elements cohesively play a crucial role in bringing out the best picture. However, out of all these elements, a […]

They say, ‘A picture is worth a thousand words’ and indeed it is. A photograph conveys different moods, emotions, ideas, etc. all through the simple capture of a moment. Every photograph has a memory and every memory has a story. Stories come in all shapes and sizes. Don’t they? Some are long while the others […]