Certification in photography is not just a valid introduction. It’s an affirmation that one has learned basics and above of photography and has put years of passion and effort to discover a lot about it. A certified photographer is better by how much of the opportunity to learn from experts in an academic setup and […]

Teaching and learning has been prevalent parts of an educational system. Education in any form constitutes an essential part of a student’s academic life. For every student, quality education is value for money as this is what equips them to become independent individuals. Hamstech Institute, over the last two decades has played a major role […]

Photography courses teach fundamentals of photography like as a art and it’s technique. There are different directions in which the study would progress. The curriculum of a photography training institute gives the student comprehensive insight and practice into achieving good photos. The fundamentals in more than a technical sense has to be imparted, because of […]

Many a times a student expects a magic move he/she is going to learn to start clicking pictures that define perfection. Then the guru comes in and faces the challenge of educating and motivating such impatient students. We are going to discuss what works best for a good classroom that delivers lessons in the art […]

Have you ever lost yourself in clicking pictures? Or, have you ever had to battle a compelling feeling of quitting your regular job and taking up photography? It’s quite often that we spend majority of our day doing less enjoyable things than doing things that make us happy. This owes to the drudgery of life […]